Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now That Its Over...

So, I have been obsessing over a number of different things now that the Super Bowl is done. First is keeping up with completed auctions of the SPA RC patch autos, as I am continually surprised by some of the prices. The other thing I have been monitoring is the Hail Redskins Mock Draft Database. On the site they have a compilation of just about every mock draft out there, and it is updated daily until draft day. I love it. Im obsessed.

It seems that the people who actually know about this stuff are mostly predicting that the Lions are going to go with a QB as the first pick, and that the two best QBs may be taken in the first three picks, or at least by San Fran at number 11. I would say that right now, I agree that this will be the case, but not that it should be the case.

If you look back, there are a number of QBs that were taken number 1 just because they had ridiculous skills, and only a HANDFUL worked out. Jury is still out on Russell, but fading fast. The thing is, that despite having ridiculous skills, they dont always transfer to being a good QB in the NFL. Its a completely different situation than every snap they have taken in the NCAA, and its pretty dumb to take a chance at number one with anything less than a guy with those ridicuskills (<---- that was a typo, but so awesome, I had to keep it). You see, there are certain positions that translate very well from the NCAA to the NFL, mainly WRs, RBs and OTs. Those are who I would expect to be a good investment at that pick. Interestingly enough, there are always quite a few OTs in the draft, and the Lions have drafted a WR in the first round every year since their formation as a team. So, lets go over their choices:

1. Matt Stafford - I like Stafford, but he is only at the top of the list because there is no one else. I dont think he is a good investment at number 1.

2. Matt Sanchez - I like Sanchez too, but he is only coming out because Bradford stayed in school. Why waste your pick?

3. Andre Smith - I think this pick is pretty good here. The lions definitely need an OT, and they can pick up one of the other QBs with their later first round pick.

4. Michael Oher - Another OT, and another good shot at a good Tackle. You can never have too many good tackles, and you know Oher will anchor your line for a long time. Plus, I would think its easier to convince a lineman to play in Detroit than a QB with number 1.

5. Michael Crabtree - Just a beast of a WR, should be amazing. With Roy Williams gone, and only CJ left, it may not be a long shot to see the Lions maybe invest in another WR. It wouldnt be stupid. Maybe hope that Percy Harvin is still around when they come back around.

As for Hobby love, Im sure that Crabtree, Stafford and even Knowshon Moreno and Chris Wells will be the stars of the class. I know that the QBs usually make up most of the worth of the year's RCs, and I dont think this year will be any different.

As for my team, I would love to see the Vikings have a shot at Stafford, Sanchez or even Josh Freeman at their pick at 22, but they really need a vet to come in rather than start fresh with an RC, especially when the top 2 QBs will surely be gone. I think they will either go with an OT from the massive list, or a CB like Alphonso Smith or Vontae Davis, maybe even go WR with Percy Harvin or Hakeem Nicks if they are still around. Personally, I am still fucking pissed they didnt pick Brian Brohm last year, because I think he was a great project for them to have in the wings while T Jack blew it again, but I guess Tyrell Johnson is okay now that Sharper is almost surely gone.

I guess ill have to wait and see.


  1. I would love to hear your reaction about the SPA patches and how the prices are compared to what you expected player by player.

  2. Give me another few weeks, and ill let you know.

  3. I've seen a few mocks that have the Bears taking Sanchez...I'm praying that it doesn't happen (I'm sure it won't...Bears will go DEF first). I think the top QBs are waaaaayyy overrated this year...especially Stafford and Sanchez.

    You and your Vikes can have Sanchez at 22.

    I think Hakeem Nicks will be a nice pick for someone...I'm hoping the Bears get him or the WR from Maryland...Heyward-Bey.

  4. As a lifelong Lions fan, the past 8 years have been brutal for me and my family. The Lions 'defense' has been absolutely the worst I have ever seen the last few years. For the love of god...please please take the best defensive player available with at least 4 of the 5 top 82 picks we have. Culpepper or Kitna, or even Orlovsky can fill in for a year until we can go after Bradford next year.

  5. If Matt Stafford is taken by the Lions I am going to cry nonstop for 8 months.

  6. The Lions are going to go safe and take the best OT in their estimation. Which in the long run is probably their best option. They pay off very well in helping to build and offensive game, and really great defenders can be found in rounds 2-7.

  7. Gellman, I keep hearing rumors about Derek Anderson going to the Vikings. I don't know how much stock to put in that, though, as Cleveland is the rumor capital of the worls at draft time. It's our Super Bowl.

    2 questions. Would you even want DA? And, what do you think the Vikings would give up for him?

  8. I hate DA, I think he had a fluke season, and everyone jumped up his ass. I hope they wouldnt give more than a 2nd or 3rd rounder, but I sincerely hope they dont. Im more for Matt Cassell, as much as I think he had a fluke season too. At least his is more recent.