Friday, February 20, 2009

My Vote For the Worst Auto Card Set Ever Produced

In early 2007, Topps released one of the worst products ever to be produced in the history of football cards. Paradigm, or as some in the hobby refer to it, Paracrime, was a $400 pile of hyperholographic poop. Every card was so ridiculous, that you needed some dramamine just to look at the nauseating design and ideas.

As if it couldnt get any worse, a subset was put in the product that flowed from the same vein of the later produced crime against humanity, Topps Lettermen. If you thought the Manufactured letter patch cards affixed with foil topps stickers were bad, gaze upon the beauty of this wonderous idea:

Yes, I did not crop the pic in order to showcase the watery turd that were these cards. I saw these when the product was first released, and I could not fathom the size of the brain fart it took to think of this idea for a card subset. Holographic frame, large jersey swatch, no picture, BIG ASS foil sticker in the middle. Wow, absolutely amazing. Compelling and rich.

Again, the rule:

If the cost of a box of Topps cards is greater than or equal to 100 dollars, run for your life.


  1. It is seriously hurting my eye's just looking at it. How can any company not know their target market this much!?

  2. my brain just broke from the ugly.

  3. Sure, that card is ugly, but have you seen the SP Authentic "Leatherhead" Rookie auto's?! OMG, talk about terrible. Oh and you get a piece of leather from some random old-school helmet that Upper Deck probably paid some octogenarian $50 for. YIPEEEEEE!!!!!

  4. Horrible, With a tops box over a hundred not bieng a good box to buy and all the other card company complaints where should I go. I collect in this order Baseball/basketball/football. I'm not rich so the $80-150 dollar products are about in my range maybe a little more any suggetions on maf. and brand? Grant old school pack buster

  5. So if anythings topps puts out for $100 isn't worth getting. Since my usual broke as* can only usually manage to get hobby boxes in the range from $100-200. any suggestions on manf. and products going forward? I won't be breaking any sterling or Razor after I seen that SHI* on beckett through the blogs! Grant old school pack buster