Friday, February 20, 2009

The Hobby Is Chaulk Full of Smart and Vastly Intelligent People

I was perusing blowout cards' forum today because I am in the process of navigating a mind numbingly boring day. Of course, hobby retards always brighten my day with their blinding beacon of intelligence that they are always shining my way.

The topic at hand was whether or not Triple Threads was worth the money to buy, considering that the best hits are going for less than the price of a box. After a plethora of people who said that they bought boxes at 200 bucks and sold the contents on ebay for 25 bucks, there was this GEM of a response:

"Why sell your break if you know you going to get killed ? If I pay $150. for a box of TT and know I'm only going to get $25. back if I sell then why even bother selling ? I'd try trading it for something I want OR just hold everything til I had a huge lot of GU together and flip it that way. Never understood just throwing money away listing stuff on fleabay when there are other options to try maxing my return."

Aside from the ultra intelligent reason that Im sure this person has for buying a high end Topps product, the response to the topic is borderline brain dead. The question he asks is about why he doesnt understand people who wont sell their accumulated crap in lots, but what he should have asked was, "WHY ARE YOU BUYING AN ABORTION OF A PRODUCT FOR 200 DOLLARS WHEN YOU COULD HAVE JUST BOUGHT A NICE ASS SINGLE YOU NEED INSTEAD?!?"

For 200 bucks, there are a lot of nice fucking cards you can buy, and yet, that doesnt even cross his mind. Nah, lets buy a shit ton of the worst product of the year. Hell! We could pull one of those ridiculously awesome printing plates! No, even better, one of the foldout relic cards that I cant read! YES!!! MOOOOJJJJJOOOOO!!

Fuck dude, I love these people. Just amazing in their stupidity.


  1. Yes, we understand you hate Topps and you are right, this years Triple Threads SUCKS! However, I bought Triple Threads Football in '06 and '07 when it was much nicer, but I never paid $200 for it. And I got some really nice cards too. The Sanders/Dorsett/Brown triple jersey auto being one of the best cards I've pulled in a while. But you're right though, those printing plate cards are hella-lame.

  2. Why sell for $25 when you can trade at Beckett Book Value? Sheesh.

    I love the flip it in lots idea. So instead of paying $25 for his card, I will then pay $27 for that card and 'huge' lot of gu. That is a lot better.