Friday, February 20, 2009

First Look: 2009 Icons Football

Last year, Icons was one of the most popular releases because of the tiny price tag and the large number of hits. I am not surprised to see it back this year, mainly because it will fit much better into the economic situation of the collectors this time.

Gregg has an interesting approach to this set, as he said that the non-autoed manufactured letters are inserted because collectors are growing tired of the 2 dollar jersey cards that these cards are replacing in the boxes. I think the viewpoint has some merit, but not with my collecting habits.

At least the design looks pretty nice, and I think that this set will be just as popular as it was last year, despite my criticisms of the set construction. I also think it fits much better into the early part of the year rather than the latter, as the companies become more aware of what actually works post rookie premiere and what doesnt.


  1. That's a major upgrade in design from last year I'd have to say. I hated the design last year but this is not bad at all...

  2. Looks good. That rookie auto design is excellent, the auto fits right in with the rest of it.

  3. this is not football this is american...