Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Look: 2009 UD Heroes Football

This set is also making its return for a second year, this time at the correct time. If you remember last year, it came out waaaaayyyyy too late, as most of the products had already moved towards their RC premiere "memorabilia" cards, and this was still back before that in terms of design.

The design for 2009 has improved over 2008, though I am still confused as to why this product is not a subset in something like base UD 2009. I liked the football heroes back in the early 1990s, but they were just inserts in another set most of the time. Plus, on top of all that, they seem to have made this into a entertainment/world figure set too, as those people have cards in here too.

The one redeeming aspect of this product is that most if not all of the autos are on card, and that is always a plus. How about getting Peterson to sign his from last year, though?


  1. I do like the look of the hometown heroes dual autograph cards (except for John Elway being on the card pictured), though obviously the pairings could be concerning, especially if they pair up a football player with a non-sportsperson - like a baseball "player".

    As Brett Favre has played one season in New York (and hopefully he will play at least one more), and Wayne Gretzky spent his last few years playing for the Rangers, am I hoping for too much by wanting to see a Brett Favre & Wayne Gretzky Hometown Heroes dual autograph card?

  2. What the hell are Elway and Patrick Roy doing on the same card? If they're going to throw in someone from another sport they should at least keep them separate.

  3. I think sometimes you have to look at a product and instead of saying "why put Elway and Roy on the same card" maybe ask why not? with 3 companies all building products around rookies, stars and legends why not have a few that are a bit different. If you are not into the Hometown Heroes themes or Historical Themes in Heroes then there are plenty of others that UD and other companies do offer for you to purchase...this is not a knock as I know some don't want sports blended, but we are in the business to grow the hobby and maybe introduce something different..different strokes for...well, you know....sorry for any is late and the kids are wired tonight

    Gregg Kohn