Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Big Thank You is Due

Guys, I just want to take the time to send a big thank you over to Holy Hitter for running all these awesome breaks you have seen on SCU over the last few months. Im not sure if you guys understand how long it takes to put them together, and he has done an amazing job.

There are more breaks to come, I am sure of that, so be sure to keep in mind how much it takes to make them possible.

I know I am more than glad to have him around. Thanks again!


  1. He does do an amazing job. I watch tons of breaks on youtube and he does such a better job than most I've seen. He's very careful with the cards, does a great job filming the breaks and ships fast! Thanks HH!

  2. Thanks guys. It is something I enjoy (even though it can be work some times) and I like the community atmosphere it creates.

    Cards from these breaks will be shipping today......

  3. Great job for sure, very greatful for the opportunity to participate.

    Now we can only hope for some better luck for the March edition as the JAN and FEB breaks were not so good.

  4. Keep up the great work!! Love the if I could only get a few more cards :)

  5. Justin, thanks for all that you do. You do a great job, from recording the breaks on video to shipping everything out.

    I'm really happy to be a part of these breaks.