Saturday, January 17, 2009

SCU Breaks: 2 Boxes 07 National Treasures

***The Break was awesome and crap at the same time. First, some really sweet looking cards as you will see. However, as you will also see in the video our 2nd box was 4 "material" cards and 2 autos. With a hand-packed high end product like this there is absolutely no excuse for an error like that. I will be putting a claim into Donruss and whatever we get out of that will be sent out to whoever owned that team. NOT HAPPY ONE BIT, but at least we got some sweet cards too.***

***RANDOMIZATION MISTAKE---In the video I said I would randomize the list 5 times and then ended up randomizing it 6 times. I said the card would go to slot #3 Mseink..... when at the 5th randomization it was on arfmax.....due to the error I am sending a make up auto and prime jersey card to arfmax....I feel bound to give it to the one I declared in the video. Sorry for the error.***



  1. First box was very nice, second one really bad.

    grats to those who got a hit!

  2. I have no clue how they could screw up the "guarantees" in a hand packed product.

    The biggest question now is how do I describe it on my "Quality Assurance" request? Is it a pack or a box? What a bunch of hassle.

    This is my 2nd problem with DLP (first being the Donruss Threads Baseball) in terms of "guarantees". How annoying. Will keep you posted once I find out all the stuff (so in a bout a month or two)....ugh.

  3. I sent a card in for replacement from LL07 in october, still no news from them. It was my main hit, a Drew Stanton rookie patch auto. I did contact them after 2 moths and for a reply that their standard proceedure is 8-10 weeks before they even start looking into claims. I doubt I'll ever get any compensation.

  4. Didn't Sammy Baugh play for the Lions?

    kidding. Nice one guys.

    Here's lookin to SPA


  5. Lars-

    I think you will get it. They are just so slow. I sent in a Parker/Harris Dual GU from Elite this year in August. Got it back about 3 weeks ago. However, they just replaced it and did not put a new one together and stamp it with the same number like they say they will. Oh well.

    Hopefully they come through for you.

  6. I'm hoping for them to say that I can pick somehing else, who wants a Stanton these days? ;)

  7. Sweet break for me! I had the Redskins first, traded for the Cowboys, so I think I did well with my trade. Plus the Larry Fitzgerald base, cool.


  8. I can't help but wosh we had this box on our last NT break..... I had the 'Skins the 'Boys and the 49ers!!