Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Praise the Effing Lord - Sterling Gets The Axe

I am so fucking glad right now that I am actually taking the time to write this out on a hotel computer. Yes, ladies and gents, Sterling football has been cancelled like a bad sitcom. I sincerely thought that the product had the chance to rival the craptasticness of Lettermen, and thankfully now, we will never know. Lets go through some of the "SICK MOJO" that we will be missing out on:

1) Joe Montana Triple Patch Auto spelling out "140 YDS" in reference to his mammoth amount of career rushing yards in the second week of an odd month as a player of the KC Chiefs.

2) Eric Dickerson Quad Jersey spelling out "2 Pairs" in order to pay tribute to the number of pairs of goggles he wore as a los angeles rams player during the 1990 season.

3) Adrian Peterson booklet jersey auto spelling out "40 degrees" to show the temperature outside during his record breaking rushing performance against the chargers

4) Darren McFadden 1/1 Patch auto spelling out "3 letters" to awesomely display that "Razorbacks" has 3 more letters than Raiders in its spelling.

5) Jim Brown six piece jersey spelling out absolutely nothing, but rather having 6 different cut outs of a football, an african hat, a person that somewhat resembles a football player, a shape that oddly looks like a vag, a pizza, and a spade.

Man, Topps Sterling, we hardly new ye.

h/t Wax Heaven


  1. Unfortunately, only 2008 Sterling FB has been canceled.

    Like a zombie in a B-movie, it will rise from the dead as 2009 Sterling FB in May.

    Don't shoot the messenger.

  2. i agree the concept on the dye cuts were stupid i personally could giva $%#@ about how many goggles or temp at game time ect. but i think the cards look nice

  3. We need more Pizza swatches....

  4. It has been cancelled, but is due to be released in May. From the blowoutcards website:

    Subject: Topps Announces Product Cancellations

    Please note that iCarly #406-08H and 2008 Topps Sterling Football #952-08H, each scheduled to deliver the week of January 19th, have been canceled.

    2009 Topps Sterling Football will come out in May.

  5. I laughed at least 7 different times while reading this post.

  6. Actually, that Jim Brown card is pretty sweet. And no, Topps doesn't suck at high end.