Friday, January 30, 2009

Monthly Box Break Club: February (1 Box 2008 National Treasures)

***Special Update: Got the info today in my email that DA Cardworld has shipped the SP Authentic. It should arrive by Wednesday and I will be busting and videotaping it late Wednesday Night. If things fill up on the February Break I will be possibly busting it the same night or Thursday night and shipping them all out on Friday....let's hope***

Normally (when product isn't super delayed) this post would be up after the break of the month before, but due to the SP Authentic delayed release this is going up before the break. Payments are due before February 1st. On the 1st, any spot not paid for will be opened up for others to purchase. As mentioned before those who participated in last months break have dibs on their spot. However, if you know that you do not want a spot in the February break then you can just comment on this post and say I pass. ***Do note that reservations for the next month are based on the month before, so if you pass this month and there is something you would really like to participate in the next month you will have to hope someone gives up their spot.*** I will mark each slot as payment is received. Here is the procedure:

1) Only people on the list should send payments before the 1st, then released spots will be up and others can send in payment to get spot.
2) $15 per slot for one random team
3) Send paypal to:
4) Please note it as payment for February Box Breaker Club

***I will be heading out of town (to Washington D.C.) February 6th-11th and so that could delay the break if it hasn't happened before the 6th***

1. Holy Hitter (paid)
2. wheeler (paid)
3. hupaskin (paid)
4. Gellman (paid)
5. Wheeler (paid)
6. Hawaiian Lion (paid)
7. Hawaiian Lion (paid)
8. I Am Joe Collector (paid)
9. I Am Joe Collector (paid)
10. scubasteve (paid)
11. scubasteve (paid)
12. Psad21 (paid)
13. Psad21 (paid)
14. Penguin101 (paid)
15. Penguin101 (paid)
16. Groat (paid)
17. Groat (paid)
18. HoustonCardCollector (paid)
19. arfmax (paid)
20. arfmax (paid)
21. fatcat4262 (paid)
22. fatcat4262 (paid)
23. darkship (paid)
24. darkship (paid)
25. whitesoxcat (paid)
26. whitesoxcat (paid)
27. sonic (paid)
28. sonic (paid)
29. voluntarheel (paid)
30. voluntarheel (paid)
31. mattlange (paid)
32. hupaskin (paid)


  1. Payment is sent for my 2 spots. This product looks so damn good, considered doing a full case of it?

  2. Can I just use my payment for SPA, for this break?

  3. Matt-

    The payment for SPA went toward the ordering of that break and that break is going to happen before this one. The SPA boxes have been pre-ordered and will be shipped on the day of release.

    Each month is a new break and a new payment is needed.

  4. Lars-

    I have thought about a case break of the stuff, but I was thinking about waiting until a bit later. I suspect that the prices will drop a bit in a couple months, etc. It is something I will look into thought too in order to figure out prices, etc.

  5. I am definitely in for this, ill send payment soon, thanks for keeping up to date.

  6. Any idea what the March break is going to be? If it is going to be something good then I might be in.

    I am leaning toward passing, the odds aren't that great to get anything for the money. In fact, 26 people will get nothing.

  7. stusigpi-

    I was thinking a two year mix of Donruss Threads

    3 boxes of 07 Donruss Threads
    3 boxes of 08 Donruss Treads

    A Good mix of teams and value for each....24 "hits" or guarantees....

  8. Justin

    Given the prospect of the March break, I will go ahead and be in for February to keep my spot.

    Jeff Aka I Am Joe Collector

  9. Really not a fan of Donruss Threads, much rather see Donruss Classics for example.

  10. Payment has been sent for my two slots.

  11. My local hobby store already has the 2008 National Treasures boxes in-stock. Any chance of the randomization going up early, and the box break happening sooner than expected, since you should be receiving the box sooner than expected?


  12. Arfmax. Here is the deal. Randomization will occur when slots have been filled. Everyone form the January break (which hasn't occurred yet, thanks Upper Deck) has their spot reserved and can pay before the 1st. On February 1st those spots that are not paid are then open to others for purchase. Once all spots have been paid for (I suspect it won't take long to fill). I will do the team randomization, allow a day for trading, and we will bust it. (Whether SPA has arrived yet or not).

    I suspect that the NT break will be happening on Wednesday or Thursday before I head out of town (of course depends on slots filling either through reservations or open market after that) for a week.

  13. My vote for next month, after NT08, would be SPA again, looking at the breaks that has taken place so far over msg boards it just seems great and the price is pretty good as well.

  14. I sent payment early this morning, just in case. Let me know. Thanks