Friday, January 30, 2009

First Look: 2008 Exquisite Football

Well, first off, I am quite disappointed with the way this was handled by UD marketing. After conversing with UD over the last few months about getting these previews, they decided that it was still a better option to go the Beckett route rather with the blogs. I think that with the position that Beckett is in, as well as the way they approach their blog, the established card blogs should have been just as viable a route to get them at the same time.

I am not advocating exclusivity or even that I get them first, just an understanding that the card blogs are just as much a part of the online face of the industry as the idiots at the hobby's number one authority on douchebaggery.

Regardless, here is the first look at 2008 Exquisite.

I must say these preview show a MAJOR upgrade over last year. I love the way that the cards look in every single way. They finally changed the super swatch design, THANK YOU, and the subsets even look much, much better. I dont like the helmet off look for the RC triple, so that is pretty frightening that other cards may be done the same way. All of that is definitely overshadowed by the awesome, awesome, design of the RC auto patches. I love it all the way. I just hope that the blue sharpie isnt as much of a problem as I expect it to be.

There were other cards that were released, some of which may be part of that special add on to the packaging, but it wasnt totally clear. As Gregg mentioned a few months ago, there will be a new part of exquisite called the "Exquisite Gold" in the form of a one card pack containing an auto or auto relic. I am really excited so far, congrats to UD on a great design this year.


  1. Poor Chris Olds won't get to type "EXCLUSIVE" this time around.

  2. The last card of the 4 is probably the one I like the best. However the auto is hard to spot with that blue ink on that bluish background.

    Looks good so far, but keep the helmets on.

  3. My goodness. If we don't break some of this on here then we are crazy.


  4. Now your whining that UD didn't send you release info before Beckett??

    You sir, are a joke.

  5. so the images we that the hot box that beckett is going to get when they open this product??

  6. "Now your whining that UD didn't send you release info before Beckett??"

    Well, kind of. I was just disappointed that the blogs are continually ignored when it comes to this kind of thing. It seems that Beckett is still thought of as the big dog on the net, when in fact that is pretty far from the truth. They are one of the dogs in the yard, unfortunately, but there are quite a few other people that should get the news at the same time. Like I said in the post, I dont care about exclusivity or about who is first, but more about the opportunity. I wasnt promised anything, but Gregg mentioned a few times that he would pass the images along when they had them. Obviously that didnt happen, and he said it was out of his hands, so I was more saying it for the other people at UD who read the blogs and DO make the decisions.

    Now, as for being a joke, I dont deny that I am far from influential in the grand scope of things, but that doesnt mean I dont deserve the same sort of opportunity. Why not garner as much publicity by disseminating the pics to the maximum amount of outlets? That doesnt make sense to me.

  7. Why do all the pussies that talk tough hide behind the anonymous feature?

  8. Eh, those are my favorite ones. I wanted to print them on wallpaper for my bathroom but it cost too much.