Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 14

I know I wasnt the only Vikings fan today who was more than a little worried, and still more than a little happy that they may lose to the Lions. It would have been awful to lose to the worst team in NFL history, but it would have been amazing because Childress would have surely lost his job. Either way, they won, and Childress' job is safe for another week.

Adrian Peterson

Another great game for Peterson, but no TDs to speak of because the offense was completely incompetant with Frerotte at the helm. He litterally bowled over anyone who tried to get in his way and did great with limited prospects of doing well. Its very tough to put up a good game with no first downs put on by the rest of the team, so I will give him credit for doing awesome with nothing.

Gus Frerotte

I was SOOOOOOO happy to see him hurt at the end of the second quarter. He is so awful I cant even put it into words, especially when you throw two passes DIRECTLY at LIONS defenders. Thats like losing a footrace to a child with cerebal palsy. Im sure its just him being old and playing a long season, but he just cant throw and isnt accurate anymore (not that he ever really was). Gus needs to be benched for the rest of his career.

Cedric Griffin

Could be the worst CB in the NFC north. The guy just makes mistake after mistake after mistake. Then, when he makes a tackle on an 8 yard pass play to his guy on first down, he celebrates like he just stopped the guy for a loss on 4th and 1. What an arrogant fucking piece of shit, that pisses me off to no fucking end. The 70 yarder to Johnson did not catch me by surprise, mainly because I shouted that Griffin was out of place from the beginning.

Jared Allen

Is hillarious, and awesome. Super mullet and 2 sacks, love it.

Brad Childress

Needs to be fired, NOW. Even the Lions medical staff has more creative play calling than this idiot. He is truly the only thing holding this team back other than the lack of a QB. He is so bad, that I think he could have coached the 16-0 Patriots to an 8-8 season.


  1. AP loses the ball 4 times, not good at all. I'd say Lions deserved this one, but they are horrible when it comes to pulling themself together.

  2. Yes Lions are the worst team in football. but it was a bit of a trap game. How is that the Lions get the long layoff and get to play back to back home games. Happy the Vikings got away with an ugly win. A win is a win no matter who it is against.

  3. It's gonna be a tight finish with the Bears! Here's what I like though...

    Vikes remaining opponents record: 27-12
    Bears remaining opponents record: 18-21

    I like my Bears chances! I hope the Giants don't have top seed wrapped up by the last week...I'd hate to see them lay down for the Vikings.