Friday, December 5, 2008

Talk About Too Little Too Late!

Yeah, file this one under "only me."

My friend and I go to Target to buy back some of my wife and I's wedding presents that we had to return in Minnesota due to lack of a way to get it to California, and he hands me a gift card with a specific instruction.

"You have to spend this on cards." He says.

Great, just what I want, retail cards - right? He knows this full well and this is his idea of a joke. The good thing is that Target had one Topps Chrome blaster left, so I decided to buy it with the 20 bucks on the card. We get home, and I start opening the packs, and I come to a card that would have been a gem had I gotten it when Chrome was first released.

Copper refractor 236/425, around 50-60 a few months ago, but now? 6 bucks. I guess Ill hold onto it until he does something or does nothing.

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