Monday, December 8, 2008

Holy Crap, I Dont Even Know Where To Start With This

From the Blowout Cards Forum:

*After seeing 3 boxes of Lettermen posted on the day of the release*

Me: I really have no idea why people are buying this.

Sheep #1: probably because their nice looking cards. Maybe you should say "why are people buying this at this price?"

Me: They are as far from nice looking cards as you can get. The price is awful, and they have sticker autos on manufactured letter and patch cards, its that shitty of a product.

Here is how I imagine it went down:

Topps Lackey 1: So, we got Lettermen FB coming up, basketball went really well - those idiots are suckers for letter cards. Its like hobby crack! Do we have the patches signed?

Topps Lackey 2: huh? We had to get them signed?

Topps Lackey 1: yes, that is the point, otherwise its just card with fabric in it. I wouldnt pay 175 for that, but then again, I wouldnt pay even 100 bucks for any of our products, we suck at high end. We are just lucky that Triple Scraps, I mean, Triple Threads sells as well as it does.

Topps Lackey 2: Well, we do have an enormous backlog of all these awful topps stickers that we are waiting to use. Maybe we can alter the cards to include them so we dont have to get the letters signed. I still cant believe that we have these foil pieces of crap while everyone else went to clear and barely noticable ones.

Topps Lackey 1: BRILLIANT!



I am beginning to wonder if you have to have parents that are related to buy Topps Lettermen. That or you were dropped on your head as a child, there simply cannot be any other explanation.

Even if I had the money to burn, I STILL would not buy even a single. Its is like a Topps product got pregnant accidentally and had an abortion, then, that abortion survived miraculously, and had sex with it's sister product when it was 13. THHHHEEEENNN, the sister product had an abortion - that abortion is Topps Lettermen.


  1. most brilliant analogy ever...this year really made me hate topps with a passion and this product does not help the cause

  2. I love it. Great post.

  3. Gellman, glad to see you have returned from your marriage exile. I missed you, and yes I am not afraid to say it.

    As for your post, you owe my office a new computer monitor and keyboard, I spit my coffee everywhere when I busted out laughing. It was tough to explain that.