Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monthly Football Box Breakers Club- SPA DELAYED

Well folks our scheduled January break product has been pushed WAAY Back. SP Authentic which was set to release on January 7th has been pushed back until January 28th. That puts us into a situation. Do we want to do a different product that is already released (07 or 08 product) and push SP Authentic into the February Break and 08 National Treasures into March or do we just want to wait and keep SP Authentic for the January Break and be extremely patient? Comments are appreciated.

Below is the list again. Still waiting for a few payments.

1. Holy Hitter (paid)
2. vmonfredo (paid)
3. vmonfredo (paid)
4. Gellman (paid)
5. Wheeler (paid)
6. Hawaiian Lion (paid)
7. Hawaiian Lion (paid)
8. I Am Joe Collector (paid)
9. I Am Joe Collector (paid)
10. Cardboard Addiction (paid)
11. Cardboard Addiction (paid)
12. Psad21 (paid)
13. Psad21 (paid)
14. Penguin101 (paid)
15. Penguin101 (paid)
16. Groat (paid)
17. Groat (paid)
18. HoustonCardCollector (paid)
19. arfmax (paid)
20. arfmax (paid)
21. fatcat4262 (paid)
22. fatcat4262 (paid)
23. darkship (paid)
24. darkship (paid)
25. whitesoxcat (paid)
26. whitesoxcat (paid)
27. sonic (paid)
28. sonic (paid)
29. voluntarheel (paid)
30. voluntarheel (paid)
31. mattlange (paid)
32. hupaskin (paid)


  1. my suggestion would be to do something else for january and do sp in feb. maybe some triple threads?


  2. I would say that we remain patient and wait for SPA.

  3. I'm ok with wiating as well. I almost forgot about the break. It'll be a nice surprise at the end of the month

  4. I'm up for busting something else. The 28th is a long way away.

  5. The only other product I would like is NT06 or 07, do we have enough for 1 of each?

  6. I want to wait for the SPA.

    Jeff AKA joe collector

  7. I say either bust 400 cello boxes of 1989 Topps Football or just wait for the SPA. Good things come to those who wait.

  8. I'm cool with waiting.

  9. When does Contenders release? There are a lot of hits in those.


  10. When someone drops out, I'm interested in jumping in (along with others, probably)

  11. I'm willing to wait for SPA.

    Also, I just sent my payment.

  12. i also think contenders would be great

  13. Hi

    I think there would be a problem in this.

  14. I think the majority are okay with waiting and so we will stick with SP Authentic for January. I will do the team randomization when I get back from my in-laws (assuming everyone has paid by then) and trading of teams can commence.

  15. The team randomization would be late Sunday night (forgot to give that information).

  16. Membership Card Printing-

    Not sure I follow what you are saying. Can you explain?

  17. HoustonCardCollector-

    Email me at: justin.halbersma@gmail.com

  18. Seeing that almost everybody have 2 spots, wouldn't it be better to increase the price to $30 next month and that would probably make some ppl drop a few spots and those on the wait list can get in?