Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For some stupid ass reason, blogger erased my team post with the video and everything. I know you guys know your teams, so please let me know what cards you got. If someone wants to go through, be awesome, and email me a list of the teams that would be great. I would do it myself, but Youtube is blocked at work.

As for the Thorpe/Jackson card, I think I am just going to give it to the White Sox because Thorpe is not in any team jersey on the card, nor is there a team name printed. If you have a serious problem with that, please let me know.

Due to the above problem, if you won a card from the break, please tell me who you are and I will have your cards out today. Post your address in the comments, and I will not publish it.

Thanks for your help!


Thorpe/Jackson (CHI AL)
Yount Bat (MIL NL)
Anthony Gose Auto (PHI NL)
Isaac Galloway Auto (FLA NL)


Ripken Jr (BAL AL)
Palmer Jer (BAL AL)
Ike Davis (NY NL)
Neftali Soto (CIN NL)

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