Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Dont Even Know What To Say Anymore - Joe Jackson???

Seriously people, I am beyond fucking pissed that no one else fucking cares. Beckett opens their 2 boxes of Prime Cuts and pulls a Shoeless Joe Jackson Mother Fucking Dual Fucking Bat Relic /25.

Boom, 800-1000 dollars. One of the biggest pulls in the product. I put the odds at 1:1, and who guessed it right? Fuck.

I said that we would be adding to the list, and now we are.

Does anyone have any doubt left in their mind that this is a scam? Why are manufacturers still doing this? Fuck, I have more of a reason to believe that Tracy Hackler is a man, than to believe that this shit is real. What the fuck is DLP thinking? We are just supposed to believe that the 15,000 dollars in cards they have pulled over the last 2 years has been "pure luck?" Fuck that! Not only is this product not even on the market for another two weeks, but they get more hand seeded boxes with a fucking monster pull in it? I hope someone dunks their massive heads in a jar full of month old period blood. Thats how much hurt I wish upon them.

They dont even have the fucking decency to get excited over a eight hundred to a thousand dollar card. Those fucks.

My video response and call to arms:


  1. You know I have been very critcal of your hatred(might as well call it lol) toward Beckett. I am totally on board with you now DP. I mean what the fuck! Starting to get really fucking old. F those guys. The more you write about them the more time the name Beckett is spread around. I am sure their theory is bad press is better then no press. If all the bloggers and such stopped talking about them the better. I do not want them to think for a minute they have one on the real people in this market. I wish they put it up on ebay, I would buy it and fucking burn it right on youtube. Fuck beckett and the island they live on. David Lee couldn't hold my jockstrap when it came to a PC. He is a little pussy who will get his one day, I would love to hire him to clean my shoes!


  2. "I hope someone dunks their massive heads in a jar full of month old period blood."


  3. Quote of the year: "I hope someone dunks their massive heads in a jar full of month old period blood." The video was painful to watch. Those 3 jackasses should do a little research before making a video. They seemed to know less about that product then my 6 week old! I can't believe the magazine I used to think was the bible of Baseball Card Collecting has fallen this far.

  4. I don't normally curse, but this "pull" gives me great reason to.

    That just fucking blows goat dick! What are the chances that a White Sox fan or just someone with a strong love of the game will pull something like that. Zero fucking percent!

    There are better ways to show off your product. Pulls like this from a company like Beckett makes me want to avoid any product that they break, because that means that I will never get any of the good cards. The loaded boxes are all saved for the mindless drones that work for the "bible" of price guides.

    Fuck that shit!! I wouldn't even bother with the month old menses. They would enjoy it too much. Those sick fucks.

  5. Period blood, oh my god, I am still laughing. Amazing.

    In all seriousness, please start that petition you were talking about. Ill get you 500 sigs minimum.

    -Ben Jeffries

  6. A conspiracy ? No ... just the way card companies and their magazine promoters trying to scam a living nowadays.

    Collectors keep buying their garbage - both products and propaganda. They should eat Joseph Gobbels scrotum.

    Rock on !

  7. "I hope someone dunks their massive heads in a jar full of month old period blood."

    Heh, I just had a Patton Oswalt flashback... can we throw them into a volcano full of it?

    I don't see how pulling crazy assed hits and one of ones in these breaks helps sell a product. You now know for a fact that those cards are out of the pack pool. I guess it serves to get all the inveterate gambler types all frothed up thinking they can pull the same stuff out of every box. I don't see how depending on Vegas burnouts to drive the hobby is a sound business plan though. The hobby depending on whales buying case after case is about as smart as GM going all in on the Hummer when it was profitable. Times and markets change, you better be flexible.

    I'm not worried about Beckett at the moment though. Their 1980's era business plan is fucked and they have completely bungled their attempts to join the 21st century so far. They'll eventually get with the program or die out.

  8. Did Beckett take the video down? I don't see it on their website. On the other hand their website is so awful it could be right there and impossible to find.

  9. It's gone for some reason. I don't think all hope is lost with this product though.

  10. Gellman-

    I have this erie feeling that your group breaks are going to pull a monster hit and "crow" might be what we have to eat. (just a gut feeling).

    Obviously still questions about manufacturers, etc., and I think you are right on.

    On a side note, it is nice to see one "encased" card per box (but that also seems to point to the fact that the box really is only going to have 1 really, really nice card....and it could be a Ryan Sandberg that would only get you about 1/4 your money back).........

  11. Jesus Chris people, it's just baseball cards. There are real problems in the world and you idiots scream and yell over this? People like Adam Gellman continue to reenforce the card sterotype - big old fat slob who sits behind his computer screen, bitching. Get a fucking life.

  12. Hey, for someone complaining about being behind a computer screen, you sure have time to read my posts and watch my vids.

    Did you expect to change any minds here? Is a comment like that going to make us think that we are on the wrong side of this? Please. We are proud to be dorks.

    As for me, I think I have a pretty good life, I just got married and I am starting my promotion on Jan 12. Plus, I get to help people understand the evils of the world, one post at a time. Gotta love that.

    Have fun, guy who is too pussy to publish a name.

  13. Wow, I am totally with you on this, Gellman. The thing is, I never watch Beckett's breaks unless I read on SCU about some shenanigans with their breaks. I'm not sure what you can do or any other blogs can do to really make a difference. I'm thinking about making my own YouTube video to rant about Beckett - the more voices out there, the better, I suppose. I hope that Beckett and the card companies don't think that you're the only one who's pissed about this. Here's another idea - we could all publicly boycott the products that Beckett opens the loaded boxes of...

  14. Anonymous:

    Let me take your analogy a fair amount further. You like to gamble. You go to a particular set of casinos, and sometimes win, but most of the time, you lose. Not always big, but you usually come out behind.

    During your time in these four to six casinos, you see the same set of people show up now and again. When they're there, they're treated like big shots. The dealers are always the best ones selected by the house, they're treated to fine food and drinks, beautiful women surround them, and they're almost always winning. Not only are they winning, but they're winning big. Insanely large. Money that you could probably afford to take a vacation somewhere else off of. And they act bored the entire time they're doing it. However, they're /always/ pimping the casinos, telling everyone they can that THESE are the only places worth gambling, and only /they/ know the best tables and all the secrets.

    Any time these guys see anyone else winning, they're knocking the other players. This one's style sucks. That one doesn't know how to gamble. That one is a lousy player. So on and so forth. That guy giving you a tip? He's a liar. Ignore him.

    When the casinos start treating some of the smaller fish better, the big boys start squawking. That guy got a free suite when he won? We want the Presidential. This other guy got a free bottle of champagne? We want Cristal. Gimme gimme gimme.

    A few gamblers start to wonder if maybe the casinos aren't working an angle. Aren't pulling in a few ringers and using their obvious winnings to pull in more suckers who will lose more as time goes on.

    Someone finally has enough, after yet another big jackpot by the Casino's favorite sons, and goes off. Let's everyone he can think of know that the casino's aren't playing fair, that it's a bit scam, and has statistics which would seem to back him up.

    And no one else cares. After all: Jesus Christ, it's just gambling. Get a fucking life.

  15. You know what the worst part is Gellman? You're not even scratching the surface of what's wrong with the hobby.

    Beckett's not the only ones striking gold in their breaks, what about those shady dealers who crack open their cases, open boxes until they hit the case hit and sell the loose boxes back to unsuspecting customers?

    The collectors are choosing to spend their hard earned money in this economic downturn on THEIR products, and what happens? They just get fucked in the ass time and time again.

    Ugh. Upper Deck fixes their shit, and starts producing stuff we like, and fan-favorite DLP takes the place of UD's douchebaggery. Then we have the douchebag of douchebags in Razor trying to corner the market too. This hobby is going to shit, we all know it. Change better happen soon.

  16. Hey anon,

    You don't see a correlation between this and all of the cheating, stealing, sneaky, get- rich-at-the-expense-of-others behavior that going on in the business world?

    They may be "just baseball cards," but if this box was truly seeded (and I'm not 100 percent certain, but it seems pretty damn suspicious), it is symptomatic of a real problem with a lot of mega-business these days. How do you think we got into the economic mess we have now? Mostly, because banks and other business were engaged in unethical behavior.

    It's all the same, whether it's "just baseball cards" or people's homes and lives. You can't separate the two. It's a pattern of behavior that signals something is quite wrong.

  17. Guys, I think everyone is taking this a bit too far. I've been commenting on here for months now, and Gellman knows damn well that I have no love for Beckett whatsoever. But guys, these 2 boxes were not that great. They each got a couple of the base rookies, and a couple other nice cards. Thats what this set is. There are a SHITLOAD of Shoeless Joe bat cards in this set. The ones in Threads were #'d to 100. You can make one hell of a lot of cards out of an entire bat. They didn't pull a Gehrig, they didn't pull a Robinson. They didn't even pull a single patch!! Even the RYNE Sandberg, which is a really nice card #'d to 5, was a plain jersey swatch. If you look at the info released by Donruss this week, there are 400 Gehrig jerseys, and 400 Robinson jersey in this product. They didn't pull one! With all of the parallels listed, there are around 10,000 of those colossal swatch/patch cards. They got 1 from 2 boxes. Since I started blogging and commenting, I have agreed with just about everything Gellman has written in regards to Beckett, but I do not think these were loaded boxes. Again, no Gehrig, no Robinson, no Patches, no Cut Autos, no Quad Jersey, no Dual or Triple Auto. Look at the checklist guys, seriously. There are 1,000's of better, more valuable cards they could have pulled. DLP has a rep for putting value in its product. Do I think Beckett's business practices are shitty? Yes, but I am willing to go out on a limb right now and say that when we start seeing these get busted after Christmas, these will look like a couple of average boxes.

    It's Christmas for Christ's sake, let's let the product come out before we all start punching our monitors :)

  18. See, here is where I disagree. They have yet to get a bad box of anything, and regardless of what people think, that Joe Jackson card is ridiculous. I think we must assume that DLP is not going to send them a cut, but I think this is a perfect way to whet the appetite of the people watching. We forget that there may be hundreds of Jackson cards, but what we dont realize is how many thousands of cases there are. Look at the ruth cards in absolute 05, there are 100 of those, plus 200-400 more of other relics, but you can damn well be sure that you will be spending a shitload to get those cards.

    I stand by my accusations, because there is no way they pull this much crap out of 16 boxes over the last few years. Its seriously 10-15k. Now, others spend 10-15k to get 5k back. Look at AR platinum, he has busted close to 70-80k worth of boxes on camera, seriously 60-70 cases. He hasnt pulled anything close.

  19. Forgive me for my ignorance on the subject I have just recently returned to the hobby but if indeed this box was "loaded" or "hot" or "seeded" is that Becketts fault? Shouldn't the blame go to the companies that are presenting these boxes?

  20. I watched that break for the first time today and like HallOfFameHawk, I didn't not get upset about the Jackson per se. That card may be a double relic numbered to 25, but I still would rather have that one Upper Deck produced in 2001. I still think all that DLP unlicensed stuff is shit and have no clue why anyone buys it.

    That being said, I understand what Gellman is saying -- it's the principal of the thing. The Jackson was not the biggest hit, but it was a huge pull and one of the advertised cards.

    I can't say I share the complete disdain for Beckett -- after all I guess I am a "book value loving idiot" as I mentioned on my blog today -- but I do think the Box Buster thing is complete bullshit. Going by what Gellman has said here, they're basically pulling huge hits from 75 percent of the boxes they open. Fuckin' pack searchers can't even do that shit. It's impossible to confirm that these boxes were purposely loaded, but there is a lot of coincidences here.

    One of the things about the card industry that has irked me the last few years is the steady stream of Beckett employees who seem to leave the company and wind up as a spokesman for a card manufacturer. In fact, hasn't Hackler been back and forth a few times?

    I still get a kick out of reading the articles in Beckett where former employees (Ecklar, Hackler, etc.) are quoted.

    Having said all of this, the one way for all of this Box Buster shadiness to change is for people -- including Gellman -- to stop buying the products suspected of being involved.

    As noted before, it's beyond me that people will plunk down $200-plus for this unlicensed bullshit. It's even further beyond belief that you'd continue to do so after suspecting the shit is rigged.

  21. I for one, am really weary of all the "unlicensed bullshit" blah blah blah. If you pull a Hank Aaron patch/auto, or a Babe Ruth or Honus Wagner cut, who gives a hairy fuck if MLB approves of it or not? Look at all the boxes of Razor that are being sold. Those aren't even approved by MINOR League Baseball, let alone MLB. You cannot buy a 2008 MLB licensed product and pull: Hank Aaron, Willy Mays, Pete Rose, Joe Jackson.

    Secondly, boxes are selling for $155 ALL FUCKING DAY, every day. So, all the 200 plus garbage needs to go away too. Just because Chris Olds fat ugly ass says $200, doesn't mean thats what it costs.

    I think I may have to start lumping in all the "unlicensed" people with the "book value" morons.

  22. HOFHawk, there are collectors who do care about logos and shit. And if I'm a moron for being one of them, then so be it.

    When I want a card of a certain player I want that guy wearing a MLB uniform and playing ball, not wearing a suit or looking like he is wearing a jersey for Team Pepsi, or some shitty local adult-league softball team.

    And the fact that the boxes are $155 and not $200 really is of no significance. My point is the shit is overpriced and ugly for me, for my collection. I'm not buying it even at $95.

    Apparently there are others who don't mind buying the stuff, which is fine. But they are the same people bitching louder than anyone else about loaded boxes and unethical practices -- and they continue to feed the beast by buying the products.

    My underlying point is this: If you suspect a company is playing the game underhandedly, why continue to buy their product?

    A collector choosing NOT to spend his money a a company's items is a lot more affective protest than just complaining about it.

    It's clear again that I am in the minority, and that is fine. Everyone has their opinion and chooses to collect what they want and buy what they want. There is no right or wrong way about doing things when it comes to collecting.

    There is a right and wrong way to protest though. You don't see (m)any animal rights activists rallying while wearing leather jackets while their protesting, ya know?

  23. Gellman,
    It is common practice for all manufacturers to have specific cards put into the packs/boxes that are sent to Beckett Media. It has been going on for quite a while now. It is just part of the game.