Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beckett Island Renamed Desperation Island

So, for those of you who still go to the Hobby's number one source on douchebaggery for news, you may have noticed that their crying and bitching to the manufacturers actually has gotten them some previews of upcoming sets. You may think to yourself, damn, this fight is not going well for the right and the just.

I have said before, I am in no position to make any impact what-so-ever on the hobby, especially when Beckett has so much to hold over the heads of the manufacturers. What? You want to give exclusives to Wax Heaven? Fuck you! We are going to drop book value on your products faster than our circulation numbers! Eat that you assholes!

Beckett still gives prices to the retarded 70-80% of the hobby who still goes by book value, drop the price in the guide, buys will go down, especially in this economy. Senior Pricing analysts? Ha. Guaranteed they just watch gay porn all day and diddle themselves. Otherwise the pricing hat would not still have such a place in their operation.

On top of all this, they have started watermarking all images so that other news sources cannot steal them like Chris Olds has been doing for years. Personally, I dont see why this is a good idea, it just doesnt help anyone. Maybe they are like the Underpants Gnomes and they just dont get it.

1. Prevent all blogs and hobby news sources from stealing our images.
2. ??????????

The stench of desperation has become overwhelming over at the ranch. Maybe its just the typical cow shit they always reek of.



  1. Beckett is ass. It has sucked since this conversion, and it kinda sucked before also.

    Not for nothing, but anytime I walk into a hobby shop and ask for a price and they whip out a Beckett, I leave- empty handed. Everytime.

    They can eat it. Along with UD since I am still annoyed with them for another reason.

  2. I find it especially hilarious that not only was Olds about a week behind Mario in previewing Prime Cuts, they put their pussy ass watermark on scans that are readily available from the Donruss website. As well as the fact that I'm sure Punk Rock Paint and others of his ilk could instantly shop those images to remove the stupid ass logo.

  3. I could just add my own Comic Book Guy watermark over theirs easily. :)

  4. Wow...

    Look, I understand where most of your frustration comes from... but let's be realistic here. Watermarks? You're complaining about watermarks?


    Are you running out things to complain about? You might as well start complaining about the font they use on the their website or the one-ply toilet paper in their bathroom.

    Talk about trivial.


    They are not the first nor are they the last company to put watermarks on their images to protect copyright. If you want to take your own pictures and freely give them away, cool, I applaud you. If you want to contact the companies and ask them to include you in their inclusiveness, cool. Do it. To complain that a company wants to protect their copyright is kind of silly.

    I'm also a firm believer in creative commons licensing and whatnot. Just so you know where I stand. You cannot, however, expect them to cater to a blog community that consistently tries to tear them down. You don't bite the hand that feeds, so to speak.

    Sometimes, I think you may just complain to hear (read) yourself complaining.

  5. Will it be Lou Gehrig or Jackie Robinson in that box?

  6. Actually, I was commenting more on them crying to the manufacturers that they werent getting the exclusives.

    Ill admit, it is really fun to vent on this blog. Call it cathartic, regardless of how you feel about it. If you dont like the rants, im sorry, they arent going to stop. And yes, I will rant about that awful TP in their toilets.

    Damn, I was close to bleeding with that shit.

  7. That's hilarious. Fact is those aren't "your" images Beckett they are DLPs that were given to you as promotional material.

    Circle the Wagons is right. The hilarious fact is that you all at Beckett are trying to war against the bloggers when if you followed transparency and working with them instead of against them you could once again have a thriving business that was relevant.


  8. Embracing the blogger community and taking them seriously is alot different then "catering" to them.

    Beckett hasn't done either, they just give the blogging community a big middle finger and have a stupid smirk on their face while doing it.

  9. Thats exactly what I have been saying for a long time.

    If they actually did the right thing instead of continuing the arrogance of the "we dont have to answer to these peons" mentality, I think a lot of people would be a lot happier.

  10. Gellman, you should just get rid of the anon option for comments. Seriously, are people too fuckin lazy to type in their names.

    More importantly anonymous doitch bag, those aren't Beckett's copyrighted images. They are readily available on the Donruss website, which makes it all the more pathetic that they added the watermark. Look around moron. Half the blogs on the web have the images up, including: here, wax heaven, sports card info. Should I go on? The rednecks in TX are grasping at straws, are all but irrelevant in the non-dumbass segment of the hobby, and as far as I'm concerned can go suck a bag of dicks.

  11. I am not getting rid of the anonymous comments! Those are the ones I put on the wall.

    Where would the fun be without them?

    Riddle me that.

  12. I believe Beckett got an "exclusive" sneak peak a day earlier then they were on Donruss' website (not fully sure though) I guess I can understand their watermark...well not really, but I guess I can understand their logic behind it (still think it is a dumb move).

    I can't wait for another video of Box I hope they watermark the video so people can't steal "stills" of the cards closeup.

    Since you are busting 2 boxes of this stuff on here....I am going to make a prediciton.

    Beckett's (1) box will have a greater number of "premium" value hits then your 2 boxes combined. (hopefully for DLPs sake that prediction ends up being wrong)

  13. Watermarks...ha...nothing a little Photoshop mischief can't take care of.

  14. Just an interesting little side note. The comments for the sneak peek on Beckett are fucking hilarious. Somehow, people who claim to be collectors have somehow managed to have never heard of this product before. There are morons on there saying: So what do you think? Is it going to be $400 per pack? You can pre-order this EVERYWHERE!!

    Are you fuckin kidding me?

  15. Where's this mysterious video? The anticipation is killing me!

  16. They pulled a shoeless bat card? Wow. If you listen at the end, they say something to the effect like "if I had to pay $200 for a box of these I don't think I would" "But packs like that (refering to the Shoeless) make people want to buy it". Ugh! Really?

  17. Gotta love the cowards who talk big than shrivel down when it's time to leave their name.