Monday, November 17, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 11

Another week, another game we could have won. Crappy play all around, and even more poor coaching decisions leave us with a 500 record and a tough schedule on the horizon. I gotta make this quick because of work, so here is what I have.

Brad Childress

You would expect Childress to get out coached by Gruden, but not as badly as he did in the second half. It was a blood bath, and I kept saying to myself, "As an NFL coach, even the crappiest people don’t make this decision." As I have said before that 4th down situations should not be allowed in childress' playbook, that someone else should call the play and decide whether or not to go for it. To set up two fourth and short plays with a pass when you have the best RB in the league and a VERY capable backup is so fucking inexcusable that I don’t care if they had converted them both. To basically hand the Bucs a field position that would result in a game clinching field goal on the second to last drive was so fucking dumb, and you didn’t even have peterson on the field! I am so pissed I cant even make sense. Dennis Green was an asshole, but he was a better coach. Tice was too soft on the players, but he was a better coach. Childress is an arrogant ass who is getting his ass handed to him every week, and has managed to SQUEAK out 5 wins. That sucks with the defense we have, Defense wins championships.

Gus Frerotte

If I see him skip another ball to a receiver on a crucial play, I will walk to the dome and cut off his arm with a hacksaw dunked in hot sauce. Its sad that we passed on a guy like Brohm or even Henne on a trade up in the draft because this is fucking gross when it comes to the talent of our QBs. The announcers said something like "you cant doubt frerotte because his experience is key" or some hyperbolic bullshit like that during the two fourth quarter last minute drives. He proceeded to A) get sacked B) get sacked again C) throw a dump off pass under pressure and D)Skip a ball to a reciever that may or may not have been an overthrow.

Bobby Wade

Sucks, stop throwing to him. He has no idea what a fucking curl route is.

Offensive Line

Played like a glorified bunch of high schoolers in the second half. Two sacks in a row on a crucial drive in the 4th quarter and they should be running laps until they puke their assholes out of their mouths.

Sidney Rice

Where the fuck is he? I swear to god he better get on that field.

Bernard Berrian

Start calling every pass play to him or someone that can actually catch.

Adrian Peterson

When a guy puts up 71 in the first quarter, YOU KEEP GIVING HIM THE FUCKING BALL.

God fucking damnit I am so angry about this loss. So poorly played.

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