Monday, November 17, 2008

Value Bumps: Week 11

I cant do to much of an intro on a busy day today, but damn, 10-0? I seriously thought the Titans would suck this year. Who knew?

Tony Romo

Comes back and wins against Washington? That gets a bump because the Cowboys fans just collectively gizzed themselves and went out and bought half a gazillion Romo cards. Even without Portis, I would have expected Washington to win just out of principle, but Big D and Mrs Simpson come through.


DeAngelo Williams

Its interesting to see this guy come through for the second week in a row. Coming out of the 2006 draft, not one person would say the top two RBs would be Drew and Williams. Granted, Willams did play against the University of Detroit Lions (Div IIa), but he still was a beast.


Maurice Jones-Drew

2 TDs after a 3TD week gets you a nice bump in this hobby, and his cards were already doing pretty good. I would get on his shit if you can because the human bowling ball will continue to be a force in this league, just wait until Taylor retires.


Peyton Hillis

Who the fuck is Peyton Hillis, and how the fuck did he score two TDs? Its almost guaranteed that if you are a RB in Denver, you are going to be getting carries and scores. Jesus christ, its like a fucking factory over there.


Steve Slaton

Good game gets you a bump, great game at 150+ with a TD gets you a bigger bump. Stevie Slaton has proven that while he has trouble signing his cards, he does have a pretty good shot at being a good RB.


Jamarcus Russell

Still shitting it up over in Oakland and he keeps showing that Al Davis really needs to invest in a little more offensive talent to surround him or he will be the next Akili Smith.


Larry Johnson

Comes back from his ban of douchebaggery and puts up 19 for 67. Good fucking job, asshole. Go back to your hole.


Possible Bumps for Next Week

Aaron Rodgers - At the top now, but has the chance to shine again on Monday night.
Matt Fucking Forte - Against a shittier rush defense than the Packers? You better perform.
Darren McFadden - He better get going or he will drop faster than Culpepper's passer rating.

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  1. One Omission to your list is Jonathan Stewart. I was at the Panthers vs. Lions game, and Stewarts game was more impressive than DeAngelo's. I love both of them, but the more impressive / important yards were gained by Stewart. DeAngelo fell down alot except for 2 longer runs. Plus, I already saw a value bump from selling a Stewart card by about $20 from what I was offered last week.