Sunday, November 16, 2008

2006 & 2007 Playoff National Treasures Football

Okay, I know there has been a call for a baseball break, but I am waiting until some new releases before breaking out a new baseball break. Right now however, the next break is for (1) box of 2006 National Treasures Football and (1) box of 2007 National Treasures Football. Details below. (Each box will have 6 "guarantee cards--material or auto cards" with at least 3 being autos in each box)-----We have a streak of 2 great breaks going...lets keep the streak going!

1. Slots will be for 2 random teams assigned via (videotaped, etc.)
2. The cost of a slot is $36
3. Payments sent via paypal to:
4. You will be given a slot only after payment is received.
5. Multi-Team or Non-Football (Cut Autos) will be randomed between the team owners (in the case of multi-team) or all participants without a "hit" (in the case of non-football cuts)
6. All cards will be sent out including the base.
7. Break will be videotaped and posted here with scans and on youtube.
8. Boxes will be ordered once all the slots have been filled.

1. Holy Hitter
2. Cardboard Addiction
3. psad21
4. darkship
5. arfmax
6. voluntarheel
7. hupaskin
8. hupaskin


  1. Sent Payment for 1 spot. Your blatant avoidance of a High School Musical III break is becoming disheartening!

  2. I'll take a spot...sending payment now. Thanks.

  3. Im in for a spot, ill send payment later today.

  4. I just paid. Forgot to mention that it was Voluntarheel. LMK if you can't figure it out.

    Cardboard - lol on the HSM.

  5. Just paid for 2 spots or 4 teams. Yah mahn! Just dont random me the bucs or the chiefs and well be fine. ~Hupaskin

  6. We need this back on the main page in order to fill it. Just sayin.