Monday, November 3, 2008

Value Bumps: Week 8

I didnt watch much football other than the first games of the day, so ill get this going.

Ray Rice

Its too bad that McLain gets the TDs, because when you rush for 150+ you deserve a shot. He had a great game and could be helping Joe Flacco in a playoff run if he is lucky. If that happens look for a huge bump for both. Right now, lets see what happens next week.


Joe Flacco

He hasnt had a STELLAR season, but he has had a good enough one to be within striking distance of Blitzburgh. I give him credit, as that Mark Clayton TD looked awfully pretty. Like I said with Rice, if he makes the playoffs, his cards may be worth something, otherwise you may have to wait a year or two.


Chris Johnson

Another good week for him, and I see something very smooth in the way he runs after seeing what he did to the Packers. Granted he has a great O line, but he still has the raw talent to be pretty damn good as a lightning to White's Thunder.


Brandon Jacobs

This guy is quickly becoming really fucking beast mode-ly, right Marshawn? I think its tough to be anyone in NY because their cards just dont carry unless you are the QB. Tiki only had value towards the end of his career, and I still dont see Jacobs making that much of a hobby splash for some reason. Jets fans may be different, but the NY focus is always baseball. Plus it helps if you play somewhere other than Jersey.


Kyle Orton

You sign a huge ass deal and then you go down. That is the rule of the road in the NFL and your ankle was the beneficiary of this rule. I really dont think it would have made too much of a difference, though I would have liked to see the Lions kick your ass like they were seeming to do.

Matt Ryan

Again I am surprised by how awesome of a season the Falcons are having, considering the disaster they were last year. I guess it helps when you go about things the right way, *cough* Al Davis *cough*. While someone like Jamarcus Russell is failing miserably in Oakland, Ryan is flourishing. RC QBs are not supposed to win games for their teams, they are supposed to fuck up beyond all recognizable belief! Wow.


Derek Anderson

If you lose to Cincy this year, you automatically suck. Derek Anderson has been a house of sucktitude this year, maybe this should have been a bump up for Brady Quinn. Anderson was a fluke, if you still have his cards, do a fly pattern to eBay while they are still worth ANYTHING.


Larry Johnson

Im putting you on here for the rest of the year because you are a huge fucking idiot. Go hang with Pacman and tell him how his ass tastes.


Possible Bumps For Next Week

Chris Johnson: If he puts up huge numbers against Chicago - crown him.
Matt Forte: If he puts up huge numbers against Tennesee, I may lay off him.
Derek Anderson: You have one more chance before your cards are burned in effigy.
Jonathan Stewart: Oakland is a hot mess of cat shit right now, hopefully he can take advantage.

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  1. I have to agree with the NYG cards not carrying much of monetary value, which is kind of sad as true NYG fan. But as long as it's my PC I guess it doesn't really matter as I will never get rid of it.