Monday, November 3, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 8

Thank god we finally got a win without any shitty play from either side of the ball, and no shenanigans that cost us a game. The Texans werent the easiest team to beat, but I think there were some definite reasons it went as well as it did.


Sadly, this may be one of the last games that the Defense will look this good. The Williams wall will be torn down after the rulings come back on the diuretics, and personally, I cant understand why the fuck you would put your team in jeopardy like that. I seriously consider the NFL the National Fucking Idiots League because I cant see how people with that much money do so many wrong things. Either way the D played great and held the Texans to zero first half points. Nice job from them.

Gus Frerotte

The interception was more Berrian's fault, but even with it, he still had a pretty good game. Gus has certainly proven that brains and experience trump raw talent and braun any day of the week in the NFL. If we could only get all the cogs working together on the same page we could easily be a 6-2 team right now. Sadly, Childress is a lame duck when calling plays, so that will never happen.

Adrian Peterson

3rd straight 100 yard game, 1 TD, a last drive that consisted of a 40 yarder, and 2 20 yarders, that is impressive. I expect this every week, so its good to see he didnt suck. I think he has seriously reached Barry Sanders level on his juke-age, I couldnt believe some of the shit he pulled. Wow.

Bernard Berrian

Thanks to this guy, Peterson is rushing for 130 instead of 80. The catches and moves he makes are amazing, and I see now why he always killed us. I was shocked to see that bomb on the first play of the game, and I was even more shocked to see him catch that bitch in traffic. Seriously, that shit looked impossible. 104 and a TD was a good game, and he helped us win more than anyone else on the field.

Special Teams

Thank you for not fucking up this week. Thats all I need to say.

Visanthe Shiancoe

I am hating you less now, but you are not off the shit list yet.

Overall, I liked watching this game, and I think that after seeing the Bears almost lose to the Lions like we did, we might have a shot at winning this division. Plus with Sexy Rexy now at the helm, you can bet your ass this is going to be a lot more fun. However, if the Williams rulings fall before the end of November, we are fucked. Thats the bottom line there.

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  1. Man....why'd you have to bring up the Grossman issue! I was hoping I just had a bad dream last night. Grossman against the Titans next week who I believe lead the NFL in INTs...that should be fun! Uggghhhh.