Monday, November 10, 2008

Value Bumps: Week 10

Week 10 was a pretty good week for me, as I was very busy celebrating an awesome day by my favorite team and my favorite players. There were quite a few happenings, so Ill get started right away.

Adrian Peterson

I gotta say, he is living up to that built up price from last year. I thought it was virtually impossible after the end of the last season, but he is holding, and that is fucking crazy. Another beast of a game, and a little something that we havent seen on a Vikings team in a while - a guy who wants the ball on the last drive of the game. Man, he was fired up, and it was a beautiful thing to watch the team march down the field on his back. One of my favorite Peterson games of all time.


Kevin Smith

Plays for the worst team in the league and possibly history, and he still puts up 96 and a TD in a blowout. I think if he had a better offense to work with, he could be a lot like Chris Johnson, but alas, he didn’t. I give him a bump because for the price you can pick his stuff up for, it’s a deal.


Chris Johnson

Dude, wow, that game sucked for you. Holy crap, you were stuffed or losing yards on every play, and the Bears made you look silly. Bad form, baaaaaaad form. I would hope that you would still be a contender for RC of the Year, but I think another person has taken that from you for sure. Better step it up next week or this could be bad.


Matty "Ice" Ryan

The kid looks great. I cant fucking believe it. Another game, another win against a "good" team. I would say pick up his stuff if you havent already, but I think its starting to get out of control. If you can afford the coin, he will get a huge bump when he is named ROY.


Ladanian Tomlinson

He could be the biggest fantasy disappointment of the year, and I feel bad for anyone that drafted him. The chargers have not been that good, and they only won the game because the Chiefs went for 2 as a 1-7 team with nothing to lose. I cant say enough good things about him in the past, but this year he doesn’t have it. Still, you may want to pick up some of his shit while its down, because it wont be there for long.


Brandon Jacobs

Another beast of a game for him, shit if I know where he came from. He did amazing against a great team, ANNNND it was on a national stage, so you can bet your ass he is getting a bump. I think he is heading for a probowl, and it makes me sad that I sold his auto /5 for like 10 bucks last year.


Eddie Royal

Holy shit, he had a huge ass game. I think he may be the steal of the draft already, but I think he still has a way to go. If you see some of the catches that Calvin Johnson makes off shitty ass throws, you can imagine why he went in the top of the draft and Royal didn’t. That doesn’t mean much this season, but it may in the future. Still, he gets another bump.


Jay Cutler

Huge game, and I still think he deserves a lot of credit for playing the way he has being a new Diabetic. He is an ass in every sense of the word, but he should definitely be on your buy list, playing the way he has.


Maurice Jones-Drew

3 TDs? That’s a good game even when you play the Lions. Welcome back.


Matt Schaub

If you are still holding his shit after he signed with the Texans, a bad season, and a really bad season, you are an idiot. Jesus.


Larry Johnson

Your team is down to Savage and Charles for RBs you stupid asshole. I hope you see now that you don’t need to be a douchebag to be good in the NFL.


Possible Bumps for Next Week:

Adrian Peterson: If he can hit 5 in a row for 100 yard games, that is huge
Jonathan Stewart: A game against the Lions is always good.
Jay Cutler: Huge game against the falcons
Matt Ryan: Huge game against the Broncos

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  1. You have to give Forte a bump. Here is his line against the Titans Def.
    20 for 72yds and 7 rec for 54yds and 1TD

    The yardage may not look huge, but he was the only athlete on the field for the Bears and the Titans knew that. They were daring Rexy to throw the ball. If you watched the game, it was obvious that he has some skills.

    Just my thoughts. Plus I love to pick at this Gellman scab.