Monday, November 10, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 10

All I have to preface about the Vikings win yesterday was that it shouldn’t have happened the way it did. For a game played as dominantly as the Vikings played it, it should have been a 21 point game, but thanks to a few key people we had to win it on a missed field goal. I think the Packers offense was only responsible for 10 points, and 3 of those were because Childress is a douche that should never be allowed to call a play on 4th down. Either way, I think we should declare a state wide holiday, because I love to see the Packers lose, and it deserves a day of rest when they lose to the Vikings. I love it even more when the stadium is half full of drunken idiots wearing their lord's jersey #4.


Goddamn these guys are great to watch, and it sucks that the two Williamses will eventually be suspended. It was a ton of fun looking forward to each play just to see the new way that Jared Allen was going to plow over Aaron Rodgers. Two safeties in one quarter? Fuck, that was amazing. I don’t care if we would have lost, that was amazing. Congrats to the unit, this was your best game, no doubt.

All Day

The second coming of Purple Jesus happened 11/9/08, and it was GLORIOUS. It was funny, the minute I saw Peterson fired up on the sidelines before the last drive, I told my buddy that he was going to bust some skulls on his way to the endzone. After carrying a struggling, stalled, and tired offense on his back for a whole entire drive, I laughed a hearty laugh. The guy is a leader, he knows how to find the tiny holes and blow through them, and after 4 straight 100 yard games against some tough teams, consider me among the saved. He proved without a doubt that its his league now, don’t fuck with him.

Special Teams

Fire the whole squad, every last fucking one of them. I have never watched a team play such awful special teams for a long, long time. Blackmon's TD should never have gotten past the first wave, except for the fact that they are all lazy ass arm tacklers. You are fucking pros, act like it. I swear to god I want to play special teams myself - alone - because I could play better than they have this year.

Gus Frerotte

What an awful game. He looked worse than jackson on a lot of those plays, not even the fade to Rice on the first drive looked like he was capable, it was no where close. Luckily he got it in later, otherwise I would have killed him personally. The TD "pass" to Taylor was awesome, but not because of him, so Im not going to count that one as a win for him. His play was inexcusable, and I am ready to say throw in Booty-call because he could be better than both combined.

Ryan Longwell

You have a foot cannon, thank you for being awesome in the first half. The one you missed was beyond awful.

Bernard Berrian

Being shut out is inexcusable. Make plays, that is your job.

Brad Childress

You have to go away, now. Its fourth and 1, you know their offense hasn’t done shit, Kluwe is playing well, and you still go for it. You are a douche.

Overall, it feels like I am writing about a loss, but this was actually a ginormous win. Vikings are now tied for first, they have won two straight, and if they beat Tampa next week, we are in a really good position for the playoffs, actually. I think its time to re-evaluate the QB position, maybe give Jackson another chance. Either way, you know you can just hand the ball off, because Taylor and All Day are the best tandem in the league.

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  1. I don't think you can blame Childress for the 4 & 1 call... AD wanted that ball bad and even in the pot game interviews he said it was his fault. Still a great game to watch. Seeing Jerad Allen play with one arm and STILL get all that pressure on the QB was great! Go pruple!