Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Details For The First Blog Bat Around - Please Read If You Are Participating

Disclaimer: You did not need to reply to the last post to participate. This is completely open.

I think there is enough interest to get this going, so here is what I would like to see happen. The first part of the details is pretty much the rules, the second part is the topic for the Bat Around, and that is open to your interpretation. Please make sure you do what you need to do at least partially, and I will make sure you get on the page for the finished product. I would hope that a lot of people contribute, and I think the more we get, the Merrier. Not everyone reads or likes this site, but I would still expect that they would want to participate, so pass the word along. Advertise on your own site if you would like, it is your article/post that will be up there, so the more people that read the Bat Around, the more people come to your site.


-Please make your article at least semi-relevant to the topic. You can be as creative as you want, but keep the general topic in mind. If its about Book Value, you can go on a relevant Beckett rant, but dont do a product review of Masterpieces, something like that.

-Keep your article PG or PG-13, I really wont censor it, but I think that to include the maximum amount of people, this is necessary.

- Please give your article a title, and mark it so its easy to find when you give me the link. If you want your full name included and not just your blog title, put it in there somewhere.

- Give us something to read, so dont give me 2 sentences and call it a day. Make this a normal post, as you would want your readers to see it as a normal part of your blog.

- You do not have to include the topic in your post.

- Please comment here or email me the link to your article with any special instructions.

The first Bat Around will be posted sometime during Friday morning. If you have not written your article by then, you are not banned, but your link will be at the bottom of the list. Please have your Post to me by Thursday at midnight at the latest. Please post on your site, do not send me a word doc. If you do not have a blog but want to post, I will accept guest posts on this site.


Most of us classify ourselves as some type of collector in this industry. Player collector, team collector, set collector, auto collector, first world, second world, among thousands of other labels. As you have navigated the hobby, what are the biggest challenges you face as that type of collector or label of hobby enthusiast? What have been your biggest successes/failures? What would you like to see the manufacturers focus on to make your type of collector flourish in the hobby? Feel free to provide blog examples, scans, poems, haikus, bar napkin messages, medical prescriptions, etc as complements to your posts. If you feel your type has been covered on another blog, tell us how you do things the same or differently. If you dont identify yourself as a type, explain why, or explain how you think of yourself. You do not have to answer any or all of the questions asked here.

Remember, thursday at midnight.


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