Monday, November 17, 2008

Blog Bat Around - Topic Suggestions

Since people seem to have some sort of interest in the Bat Around, is there anything specific that people want the first Bat Around to focus on?

Here are some examples I may choose for the topic:

1. Describe your favorite and most hated thing about cards 1996-present. We know that cards have drastically changed since the invention of the jersey card, auto card, and the numbered parallel, this is your chance to tell us what you think about this entire era of the hobby.

2. eBay has provided a marketplace to millions who wouldnt otherwise have a place to buy cards. However, with that, it also brings scams upon scams upon scams. What do you think about eBay's involvement in the shaping of the hobby, and what are some things that could be changed to help make it a safer place to buy?

3. There are a lot of new collectors that stumble on to the blogosphere every day, looking for information about a vastly expanding hobby, talk about something you think is essential for them to take away from what they read. Has it been addressed on a site already? If so, how would you address that thing in a different way?

4. How did you choose what you collect? Not everyone collects based on a favorite team or a favorite player, but if you do, what about those teams and players drew you to them? How has your collection grown since your decision?

5. All of us have made mistakes since our first experiences as collectors. What was that mistake? How did you learn from it? Have you done anything to make sure others dont do the same thing you did?

6. Design your own set, tell us exactly what sport(s) would be included, what the theme would be, who would be your spokespeople, and what the names of the subsets and inserts would be. Go as far as you want, nothing is out of bounds. Exclusives do not come into play.

Anyone else have ideas they would like to suggest? Everything will be considered.

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