Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pull Of A Lifetime? Yes and No.

If you have been a frequent visitor to the high priced sorting feature on the card section of eBay, you are already familiar with this auction for the dual cut pope card. Its part of the Yankee Stadium Legacy set, and it was the chase card to draw people to buy.

However, I look at this card, and I cant help but feel disappointed. The reason I feel disappointed, is two fold, mainly stemming from the fact that this card has Yankee stadium legacy plastered all over it, and also the fact that it is not one of the better designed "Historical Cuts" or included in one of those "Piece of History" sets out of Premier Baseball and Legendary Cuts. Plus, with half of the collecting world becoming tired of the New York Yankee hand job they have gotten all fucking year, I dont think this was a nice way to give people a "happy ending."

Now, I am not saying this because I am interested in the card, I am not, nor am I even thinking about this in a personal fashion. I feel bad for the guy who pulled it because he could have had a pretty historically significant card if it didnt have a tribute to a building all over it.

He wont get 200K for this card, and it probably wouldnt sell for more than 10K - the ceiling for all modern chase cards with few exceptions. But he could have gotten close to the ceiling if it wasnt part of a set that was geared only towards one team's fans, who a lot of people love to hate.

Like I said before, Yankee Stadium was only Baseball's cathedral because of the players that graced the field, it had nothing to do with any building (it was a craphole), any mass held there, or any concert. Last time I checked, the pope didnt watch baseball, and thats what makes this card stick out like a sore thumb among a poorly conceived idea like Yankee Stadium Legacy.


  1. Maybe a wealthy Yankee hater buys it and makes a vid of him burning it and posts it on youtube. You never know... :)

  2. I don't see anything wrong with the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. I'm not a Yankees fan, but anyone who is a baseball fan must understand that the significance of the Yankees franchise eclipses that of any other team.

    I'm definitely not someone who would want a card with autographs of popes, but if I was, I don't think that I'd be deterred by the Yankee Stadium Legacy logo on the card.

  3. The video of him at Battle's shop is hilarious too! "I'm definately gonna go sell it on eBay, probably". Priceless.

    On a side note, it's absolutely friggin insane that he pulled it out of a box at a flea market. At least it didn't end up in Texas :)

  4. Lars I am pretty sure that guy who did that would go to hell or at least stalked for the rest of his life and after life at that. I personally love the card and I think it will get over 10k. I just sold a Roethlisberger for 2500. So I think that card can get 10k lol..