Monday, November 24, 2008

Box Break: 2008 Bowman Chrome Football

I got in to Minneapolis on friday night, and immediately went into crash mode. I was so tired that I didnt even know what to do with myself. However, I was also hungrier than I have ever been, so I managed to squeeze a Perkins visit into the mix. Saturday and Sunday were spent doing massive amounts of wedding planning, and I even got to watch the game on a 60 inch plasma that my dad had gotten. AMAZING.

Today I went shopping with my Mom for beer and wine for the reception and we made a stop at Three Star Sports Cards on Hamline Ave in Roseville, MN. The store wasnt much in terms of beauty, but the selection was great and the prices were good too. I talked with the owner, who recognized me from YouTube and the site, and we talked for awhile about the hobby. He was a nice guy, and I told him I would give him a plug here for his store.

Anyways, I broke a box of Chrome and I had a good time with not good results, as usual. If I had known how poorly this shit sold, I maybe would have gone with Topps Chrome at the same price. Either way, here is what I pulled:

Harry Douglas AU Redemption - Ehh, could have been much better, could have been much worse. Expected delivery date? 3/2009. Thanks Topps, what crap.

Ray Rice Silver Refractor 84/199 - This was the box topper, not encased, and I was pretty lucky I didnt get Owen Schmitt or something crappy like that. Rice is a good player, and I can live with this.

Matt Ryan Regular Base RC - So far, the rookie to pull. Check that one off the list, too bad it wasnt a refractor.

Jonathan Stewart Refractor - This was a nice card to pull, and I am happy to get a good refractor. I pulled some nice vet parallels, but this was the only nice RC parallel.

Darren McFadden Base RC - A nice card at the beginning of the year has turned to shit with the Raiders season. He put up a TD or two yesterday, so that helps, but not enough.

Overall I give this box a B- thanks to the RC pulls, but the auto redemption pull really dragged this down with Topps' record on those. Also, be sure to check out Three Star Sports Cards and shoot the shit with the guy who runs it. Pretty good shop for what most of the Minnesota scene is usually like.


  1. For what it's worth, the store plug worked. I'm gonna head up there either tomorrow or Wednesday after work. Nice to know there is another card shop in the Cities.

  2. I am really getting tired of all the false advertising by topps. The box toppers were supposed to be incased and in some divine way of wisdom topps once again prints false advertising. Perhaps it might be time to have a phase of "temporary insanity" and burn the place to the ground...especially if they don't give me back my red swingline stapler.

  3. what, shinders isn't good enough? kidding, although that's all i can find downtown.

    i'll have to head up to roseville - maybe i will see you there, eric s.

  4. ive opened 3 of these boxes over the past couple days i rate BC a C ... out of 3 boxes i got 2 torain autos and 2 paul smith autos ... should i be happy i got an extra crappy auto ??? configuration is terrible by pack 3 you basically know whats in the box ... will give it one more shot but thats it ... this product went up in design and down in box value from 07 pretty weak i always enjoyed BC too guess all good things come to an end

  5. Love the blog, keep fighting the good fight.

    If you are in Minnesota for a bit, check my store out. It's a hybrid shop but we do take sports cards seriously.

    Cedar CLiff Collectibles
    1960 Cliff Lake Road suite 131
    Eagan MN 55122

  6. I just ordered 1 box of 2007 and one of 2008 bowman chrome. I think 2007 is nicer in every way but I havn't bought a single 2008 box so far so wth...

  7. Been to 3 Stars Sports Cards a couple times. Definitely a good shop.

    Closest shop to my house is Billy's Sprts Treasures in Savage. Billy's a great guy, and he's got quality stuff. Definitely recommend checking it out.

    There's a shop in Burnsville on County Road 42--can't remember the name off hand, but he deals in vintage stuff only. But quality stuff.

    Last store I know of is in Richfield--smaller store, but good selection. Not as talkative there, but I'm not a regular.

    I'll have to check out this store in Eagan listed above--I used to live in Eagan, and didn't know there was a store in town (hope it's a recent thing, or I missed out for 3 years).

  8. Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for stopping into the store! We aren't really trying to be beautiful, just the best local card shop we can be. Stop in again if you are back in town!
    Three Stars Sportscards