Saturday, November 22, 2008

National Treasures Team Assignments

The break will be Wednesday night. I won't be able to videotape it, etc. until 8:30 p.m. so I suspect that it will be posted sometime around 10:30 p.m. central time. If something with shipping occurs I will let you know if there is a delay. Best of luck everyone and trade at will. (I will be sending out an email with everyone's email addresses so that trades can take place)

Holy Hitter- Eagles, Bears
Cardboard Addiction- Raiders, Colts
Psad21- Vikings, Saints
Darkship- Buccaneers, Cowboys, Packers, Redskins
Arfmax- Steelers, Giants
Voluntarheel- Cardinals, Rams, Patriots, Lions
Hupaskin- Ravens, Titans, Bengals, Broncos, Bills, Chargers
Gellman- Texans, Panthers
Whitesoxcat- Browns, 49ers
Penguin101- Jets, Seahawks
Wannatrade- Falcons, Chiefs
Sonic- Dolphins, Jaguars


  1. Jets and Seahawks are up for trade...

    I'd be interested in 49ers, Browns, Bears, Cowboys, Giants, Dolphins, Colts, Chiefs, Bills, Broncos, Packers, Raiders, Lions, Rams, Steelers.

    Let me know if you have any interest in Jets or Seahawks...


  2. paul, Id love the vikings, so I could throw in the two teams I have plus a few dollars if you want.

  3. Would love the Panthers. Whoever ends up with them.


  4. Addiction, what do you want for the Raiders?
    I also want Da Bears from Holy Hitter.
    Darkship I want your Cowboys, and of course I want psads Vikings along with everyone else, but I am not keeping my hopes up. I got several teams because I knew I may have to trade a couple (or more) teams for one I want, so contact me if you are interested. I will also spend cash for those of you who need extra enticement. The main teams I am interested in keeping are the Broncos and Titans and maybe the Bills, but I will trade any for th right terms. Email me.

  5. Penguin...i will trade u the jets for either the ravens or the bengals, and/or cash with either.


  6. Hupaskin > Would have to be a 3 way deal as I have no interest in those teams.

  7. Hupaskin > I would trade you the Jets for either:


  8. whitesoxcat and darkship have agreed to a trade....

    whitesoxcat gets the Packers

    darkship gets the 49ers

  9. hupaskin-

    I am leaning towards keeping the Bears....the list of teams I would possibly trade them for are pretty short (Vikings and possibly the Cowboys). But you can make and offer and I will think about it.

  10. Sorry guys not giving up the Cowboys!

  11. hupaskin-

    the email I sent out with everyone's address was/is delayed getting to you (I got a warning message today about its delay) and so your best shot is to propose a trade here in the comments section.

    As I stated, it is going to be tough for me to part with the Bears but you can email me or make an offer here and I will think about it.

    I also now can moderate comments so they will be posted so we don't have to worry about that.

  12. lars-

    I will go for your Jets for my Chargers...Done Deal if you post back affirmative...


  13. Addiction~

    I am willing to do a two for one, for your Raiders...twice the chances of hitting with two teams. You get two of the three: Ravens, Bengals, or Chargers => if Lars doesn't trade for his Jets.

    By the way anyone can email me at if you prefer.


  14. Go to to see my latest wishlists.

    ~hupaskin. Lets Get Rockin folks.

  15. Sorry Hupaskin, I'm gonna stick with the Raiders and Colts in this one.

  16. I will take Chargers for Jets, thanks

  17. Hupa, any interest in my Dolphins and Jags for your Broncos?

  18. Wannatrade >

    Will you trade Chiefs for Seahawks?

  19. Arfmax >

    Will you trade the Giants for either Chargers or Seahawks?

  20. So it is agreed that Lars and I have Traded his Jets for my Chargers.

    So Hupaskin now wants to know what Darkship wants for the 49ers or Redskins, Voluntarheel wants for the Lions, and what arfmax wants for the Steelers.

  21. This is from wannatrade...he is still trying to figure out how to post comment, etc. so I am just relaying info....

    Lars he said that he has to pass on the Seahawks.

    chiefs have been in league since the start so i would need an origional nfl team in return not an expansion team like seahawks tampa carolina ect ...
    teams id trade chiefs for :
    g bay
    vikings <<< obviously an expansion but wont happen anyways>>>
    maybes are jets and dolphins

  22. I have been offered the Jets, Ravens, and Bengals for the Raiders, but It appears he just traded the Jets. What's up?

  23. Cardboard Addiction-

    He actually traded the Chargers to get the that is correct that you would now have the Jets, Ravens, and Bengals.

    penguin101 originally had the Jets traded them to hupaskin for the Chargers and Hupaskin now has traded them to you in the 3 for 1 deal to get the Raiders.

  24. Done deal then. Jets, Ravens, and Bengals for Da Raiders.

  25. Lars-sorry, the Giants are not for trade, they are my personal favorites.