Wednesday, November 26, 2008

National Treasures

Well the break was so-so. Don't get me wrong there are some beautiful cards (and at least that is nice), but I would say it ends our streak and a new one must begin. Some people hit the jackpot.....others well you can see.

2006 National Treasures

2007 National Treasures

Rice/Largent/Lofton Distribution Video


  1. Thanks for the break, 3 hits isn't bad even though nothing spectacular.

    I'd like to promote this group break of Triple Threads, still lots of good teams left:

  2. How come you would get more slots in the randomization if you paid for more teams? It makes no sence as the players only belong to one team each.

    I'm just wondering

  3. Nice job! I wish there had been some NY Giants in the breaks, but oh well. Nice Bettis card, thanks!

    This is cool, I am in Australia on holiday, but got to watch the breaks on YouTube, modern technology is amazing!


  4. Lars-

    While each team on the card is only one spot, I think it is fair in the distribution to do it based on the number of slots (or teams) originally purchased because of the amount invested in the break.

    On a different note, I bet you are happy you traded those Jets for the Chargers.

    If Hupaskin wouldn't have done any trading he would have had 5 of the 11 material or autographs. Crazy.

  5. Yeah I'm happy for sure :)

    I see your point about the randomed card but I don't agree with it at all.

  6. Lars-

    The other package I was sending will be going out the same time as the break stuff. I meant to get to the PO this week, but got busy at work and was unable to get to it.

  7. Yep- I should have kept the chargers! Oh well, thanks for everything guys, I cant complain with two sick auto jerseys.

  8. Well I have just done stellar on these breaks. (Heavy Sarcasm). We had some nice cards in that break though. Seems like that's how National Treasures is. You better have one of the historic teams, or you will be left out in the cold.

    Nice Bettis, that's probably my favorite in the bunch. I am not a Steeler fan, but thats probably the only one that I would have a really hard time parting with.

    Thanks for running the break Holy Hitter. Warning to all, I am sooooo due on one of these :)


  9. Why has SCU become a diary of box breaks? I feel like I'm reading some shitastic blog like that Cardboard Mania that used to be around.

  10. David-

    The main reason this week has just had box breaks is because Gellman is in Minnesota preparing for his wedding this weekend. Once he is back in California next week SCU should return to its regularly scheduled programming.

  11. i do have one gripe and its w/ donruss you know these packs are actually packed by hand so to have 2 cards from the same team is a shame 2 out of 7 (sigh) is pretty sad seeing as a large amount of these super high end boxes are broken in groups guess it would obviously be to much to ask of donruss to spread out the teams atleast if your going to have 2 cards from same team make one a base card ... i have seen this happen on other breaks so this isnt a fluke guess i should expect it from now on

  12. Wannatrade-

    I agree 100%. The fact that the 2006 box had 2 steelers cards and 2 chargers cards as part of the 6 guarantees is just not acceptable. My other gripe would be this: If you are going to have a high end product packed by hand then please just put them in a penny sleeve and toploader so that the cards don't have nicks and possible damage from being loose in the box. When I was taking the boxes out of the boxes they came in you could here how the cards shifted and to me that is unacceptable.

    Sorry about the crappy luck, it was pretty bad team collation on the break.

  13. well i have no problem w/ the 06 and 07 both hitting same teams thats just gonna happen from time to time but to have someone put 2 premium cards from the same team in the same box is what urks me ... sure its cool for the one who recieves the cards but man im not greedy id be a lot more happy w/ one hit and if i do manage to have more than one team hit then right on !!! that way more people can walk away w/ something (i know im thinking of this in a perfect world way) ok done w/ my mini rant ... think we can do another one before the xmas deals are gone ???

  14. just stummbled across this blog and am very intrigued by the breaks. was wondering how to get in on something like that. can anyone help? thanks.

  15. just keep watching the blog and and sometime they will post a break and then you just send the paypal and you are signed will make sense when you see one.