Friday, October 3, 2008

The Not-The-Gellmies Have Been Noticed?

ARPlatinum sent me an email, thought I would share:

What up SCU!......ARPLATINUM! I just wanted to ya'll thank you for honoring me with the "best boxbreaker award". I agree, Chris would have me beat, but he doesn't do them as often. His are bigger, WAY bigger! I'll get there eventually though. Thanks a lot for giving me that title though, however big or small it may be, I REALLY appreciate it. Thanks a lot, and if ya'll ever need anything this is where to reach me. THANKS A LOT!

Thanks for the link and mention! AR is actually a really nice guy, make sure to check him out. This is box 1-2 of his LCM case. He is breaking a case of 2008 SP RC Threads soon, make sure to let him know on youtube if you want in.

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