Friday, October 3, 2008

Last Idiot Trade Update

Well, I just got back from lunch and I got the Marino and the Romo FINALLY. He shipped them both together in a team snap case with no tape, and they spilled out into the package with no protection. The Marino is fine, thank god, but the Romo has two nasty dinged corners.

Considering I requested that he send them in the proper cases BEFORE he sent them, Im pretty pissed. I had to wait an extra week for this shit, and now I gotta deal with him being a complete fuckface to boot. He is lucky I hate basketball, because otherwise I would send this shit back to him. Im not going to do it because I like the Marino and the time it would take to get the LeBron back would be more than an Upper Deck redemption in 2005.

Since he has decided to come on here and tell us we are all "gay women" as Matt G put it, I will advise everyone to not trade with Cowboys4life71 on any forum.

His response to this: "They were fine when i sent them, he is just mad because i found his little blog and how he was slamming me on there and i defended myself. He said he couldn't wait to get his cards so he can leave tcc. good bye."

Wow! He got me! I damaged a card I intended to keep because he found SCU and got his ass handed to him. Nice. Glad you thought that out chief. Also that comment about you watching Gay men "blowing each other" instead of the Topps video was great. Im not sure why he is so obsessed with stuff being "gay." Some people...


  1. That is terrible man. What a wad. My worst experience was a guy I bought two jersey cards from put the cards in a white envelope without so much as a penny sleeve. The worst absolute worst thing about it was that the guy charged me 4 or so bucks for shipping. Needless to say those cards were trashed when I got them.

  2. This makes me actually wonder if he believes the stuff that he types. Could anyone honestly be as stupid as he is?

    Then again, that comment from matt g was priceless. I hope you do whip him with your "internet cock." Then maybe he will find out what gay really means.

  3. If you look at his past dealings on TCC, the shipping / damaged card thing seems to be a running theme. His "they were fine when I sent them" defense was as effective the first couple times he used it. You know, as effective as Sosa's "what cork?" excuse.

    I am glad that my surgeon doesn't have the same customer service. "Hey man, it seems that instead of ingrown toenail surgery, we actually gave you breasts. But you know, I got a lot of patients, sooo just get over it. I'll switch them out for you if you want. Oh, and sorry about the dinged nipples."


  4. Yeah, the whole past trades thing was why I wanted him flagged. It doesnt matter now, Im done with trading through forums, I have had to deal with nothing but twelve year olds.