Friday, October 24, 2008

My Census Needs Your Info

Guys, I was curious to see how a lot of you felt about certain issues, so I created a survey for us to take that will allow me to get some info on what is going on with the reader base of most of the blogs.

I will take the results and post them here, all surveys are anonymous. The survey is 20 questions that I am curious about, please take the five minutes to help me with some info.


Click Here For Part 1

Click Here For Part 2

This is limited to the first hundred responders. Once 100 has been reached, the survey results will be posted.


  1. Oh, I just wanted a survey of the readers. Its just for my own interest.

  2. Nice choice of using the Survey Monkey! The Monkey rocks!

  3. What? no boxer / briefs question?

  4. I'm relatively new to this blog, but I love what I've read, so I'm happy to help!