Saturday, October 25, 2008

Topps American Heritage Is Completely Original

So, Topps American Heritage is a set that I would consider the most original, out of the box, great set I have ever previewed. It has everything that has never been done before, and it does not remind me of any other topps product that has ever been produced one bit. Im just saying.

Thanks to AR for the tip, I dont think this has been mentioned anywhere.

Oh, and one last thing, I want to applaud them on creating more non-autoed manufactured letters of people that have never, ever put on a jersey. It is a fucking amazing idea.


  1. Yet another Topps product that I will be completely ignoring.

  2. Wow, what's up Johnny Come Lately?!?!

  3. Manufactured patch cards: Stupid

    Jackie Mason on a "Performance-Used" card: Genius!

  4. It looks awesome except for those patches.

  5. Wow - Jackie freaking Mason on a trading card. Two questions there:

    1) What crazy-ass board meeting came up with Jackie Mason as a trading card subject?

    2) In the vast pantheon of American history, JACKIE MASON rates a mention? At ALL?

    Also, I'm in agreement that the letter patches for POLITICIANS are abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous. Maybe if it was Jack Kemp or someone else who actually played a sport before jumping into politics, but Grover Cleveland? WTF?

    Hell, just make a set of internet slang "Lettermen" cards. That would be about as interesting. For instance, it's gonna be tough to get the whole "ROFLMAO" series.

  6. What's that on the Jackie Mason card? Chopped Liver?!