Friday, October 3, 2008

Besides The Obvious Complaints...

Yes, yes, I know your hearing will require aid after this video, but watch until the guy gets the money card. Case hit. Big shit. Right? Uhhh, no. Good marketing ploy there, I want 10 bucks for my case hit too.

Why anyone would EVER pay to bust Topps Basketball with no Jordan/Bron/Kobe/Durant/etc is fucking baffling.


  1. 60 year old bizarro Hank Azaria replaces Mathhew Lesko as the most annoying personality who screams while wearing sports jackets covered in random crap.

    Also, if it was up to Suns girl the ROY award would be 58 way tie.

  2. I wish we had a comment hall of fame. Too funny.

  3. Well the girl made it worth watching, and if it was up to her there would be quite a few rookie of the year ;)

  4. Jesus Christ, how can people watch that? I was sociopathic within 20 seconds of watching it. I wanted them all to die horrible deaths.

  5. ...must keep sharp objects out of hands when watching Topps videos. If not I might gouge out my eyeballs.


    Rip Girls = morons. I knew she was a moron when she said "OJ Mayo rookie of the year", then when she said "Russell Westbrook rookie of the year" I knew she was being coached. Badly.

    OK, admittedly I'm going to like certain cards and players out of this set more than others, i.e. Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook would make me go bonkers if I pulled them. Rip cards = REALLY BAD IDEA, and I still want to know how they can get away with putting actual money in a card. Ten bucks? What a joke.

    The Gold Medallion cards are nifty, because they do have actual gold in them, and as another blogger pointed out, they're actually worth about 20 bucks just in gold value alone.

    All that said, that product is hideous, and I would never, ever even think about buying a pack let alone a box.

    Singles on eBay, maybe. Busting it? Not so much.

  6. The biggest problem I have with Topps videos is that it is all yelling fluff with little focus on the actual cards. I want to see them all close up, not just in a recap at the end.

    They essentially could cut those videos down to 1 minute and just show us the highlights and save my ears alot of pain.

  7. What the fuck! I think I just saw the scary chick from the grudge at the 1:57 mark. Holly shit, my phone just rang!

  8. yah, good job not loading the case there Topps, dumbasses!

    when will they learn?

  9. I'm really late on this comment, but that's the first time I've ever watched any of those ripmaster/rip girl videos, and I have to say, it reminds me of amateur the ones where they go to "crazy" parties and have sex with the girls with dudes cheering around the jacuzzi