Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frame Of Reference

Just FYI, normal Ruth cuts 1/1s go for around 4-7K. This seller doesnt seem to think that reference range is for him. He also doesnt think that normal pricing schemes are for him either as he wants a cool million for this card. Yes, I have never seen a serious auction start an asking price at 1,000,000 dollars (pinky to lip). I have seen some stupid shit, but none of them were acutally auctioning off something actually worth having. This is completely different.

Now, this is a dual cut auto, and the person opposite of Ruth does have a pretty rare auto, so the value will be above a normal cut. Yet, for some reason I dont think this will break 10K if you put it up normal style. Unless the card is a high grade vintage piece, its very tough to break the ten thousand dollar barrier with a modern card. It is very rarely acheived.

Regardless, lets run down the list of stuff you could buy with $1,000,000:

- Any current card ever produced
- More than one house
- A McClaren F1
- A Meibach Mercedes x2
- Three Ferraris
- Two top of the line Lambroghinis
- A personal U2 concert
- An Aston Martin Vanquish with all the weapons upgrades from Bond.
- A helicopter
- Personal jet service for three years
- 10 stretch hummers with living capacity
- A card shop with inventory
- A producer credit in a movie
- A night with Michael Douglas' wife
- Surgery to make you look like Megan Fox
- An Island in the Pacific
- My Soul
- The entire printing of Exquisite FB for the year.
- A controlling stake in some companies
- A factory capable of making baseball cards
- Signed letters of every president of the United States
- The ability to fly without a plane

Wow, that is a lot of you could buy instead of this card. Personally, all those top my want for a Babe Ruth cut auto.


  1. The price is way too high, but the auction itself seems to be very well put together.

    He's also probably thinking that someone with deep pockets, aka Keith Olbermann or Bob Costas, would want to own it.

  2. Maybe the government will buy it and use it as partial collateral to the taxpayers on the bailout... Oh, wait, they would need 7 million of thsoe million dollar cards... Never mind.

  3. do you think he bit his pinkey when he said it?

  4. Let me tell you what this is. Some collectors think because they have a Ruth auto they will get thousands, in reality they have no idea. Being that this card has a duel signature this cat thinks it muliplies over and over. Hate to say but owning a Ruth auto is getting easier these days with the cuts.

  5. It says offer now, I doubt he actually expects 1mil but it gets peoples attention. My friends always do stuff like that. I think of it more as a "Offers only" auction.