Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Comment On Card Design

Dear Manufacturers,

If you are going to product a card that has a jersey and auto parallel, make sure you build the card backwards. Build the base card first, then put the jersey swatch on it, and finally find a place for the auto. If it doesnt work, DONT FUCKING PRODUCE IT. Stop building cards that have floating swatches and look as if they are auto cards without the auto. Let me give you some examples from a product to be release tomorrow:

Lets start with this one of the late, great, beastly Reggie White. This card is NEVER going to have a sticker auto, yet the jersey swatches look random. Why in fucking hell would you put the swatches where they are? Oh, right because you didnt build the card correctly. Good job DLP, you are slipping faster than McCain in the polls.

Here is another DLP victim. Can you explain to me why the swatch is not 2 inches to the left? This is a poorly designed card and it should never have been created. If the card would have been done differently, it could have been really cool. Cutting corners are we?

The lesson is this, if you want me to continue buying your cards, design them properly. So far a good number of DLPs products have suffered this year because of poorly placed swatches on coolly designed cards. Get off your ass and fix it.



  1. They should be embarassed by these cards. A a blind, retarded third grader could have done a better job of placing the swatches.

  2. For the Reggie White card: because two window swatches are better than one, duh. For the Darren McFadden card: so you have enough room to get your own autograph from him, duh.

    Note: Sarcasm intended.