Friday, October 3, 2008

I Saw This And Just Laughed

Ill file this under message board fails. Seriously, if you arent going to be contributing more than one to two words at a time, its really about that time you reevaluate your reason for posting.

I think the purpose of a message board was originally to offer a place where like minded people can talk about a topic they share in common. In most cases that fails completely and it degenerates into meaningless diarrhea, and this guy is a prime example. There are 44 pages of his posts, Im putting the over/under at two words per post. He must have missed the whole quantity over quality lesson in kindergarten. I really think a sloth put in front of a computer would offer more to the discussion than this idiot.

Right Sunny?


See, Sunny's large sloth finger claws have already contributed more. It took her an hour, but it worked...

Just an FYI, Its almost like the majority of people on any message board going to be blithering idiots with little or nothing to do but sit around waiting for someone to

Click here to see what I mean.

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