Thursday, October 16, 2008

Absolute Break: Boxes Arrived, Breaking Tonight

The Absolute boxes have arrived and are at my house. I will be opening them tonight around 8 p.m. central time (My wife and son are going out of town for some shopping so I can do the break earlier!! Woohoo!) I will be opening them today around 5 p.m. central time and then will have to upload the videos and scan the nice cards and will post after all of that has uploaded. I am hoping that we get some great boxes and that everyone enjoys the break.

Here is an updated list of teams (after trades) as of 3:15 p.m. central time 4:35 p.m. central time:

Holy Hitter- Jets, Cardinals, Jaguars, Falcons, Bills, Packers, Ravens, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Raiders
Voluntarheel- Panthers, Browns, Colts
Gellman- Vikings
Psad21- Eagles, Titans
Whitesoxcat- Saints, Dolphins
Sonic- Bears, Patriots, Broncos
Penguin101- Giants, Chiefs
Cardboard Addiction- Bengals, Seahawks
Groat- 49ers, Redskins
Houstoncollector- Steelers, Texans, Rams
Darkship- Chargers, Lions


  1. Awesome. Well, gotta go to work now but I'll be back in 12 hours. Maybe it'll be up by then. No rush though, I can be patient if I have to be.

  2. Looking forward to it, will be able to check it before I go to work in the morning over here in Sweden :)

  3. Do not wish luck, we automatically know that we are destined to have a good break.

    Personally, I have resigned myself to know that the Vikings will get nothing, but you guys should do pretty well.

  4. Now that I have given up the Rams and Cardinals, there will be an Early Doucett, Donnie Avery and Chris Long Bonanza.

    Let it be written, Let it be done.

  5. I'm actually hoping for Donnie Avery, Jacoby Jones, Steve Slaton, and Amobi Okoye goodness. :D

  6. I think I'll wish for one base card that way I'm surprised when I get a killer auto or something!