Thursday, October 16, 2008

Has This Ever Been Done Before?

Feel like watching the World Series' game 6 at 8pm the day that it is played? Fuck you, Barack Obama owns that time, homie. In fact, MLB has agreed to push back the start of the game to let Obama have his 30 minutes.

As far as I know, I dont think I have ever seen this before. Anyone want to elaborate? Im stumped.

Personally, I dont really care who bought that fucking time, why is someone going to interfere with the awesomeness of the Series? Im pissed.

Barack Obama just lost my vote....


McCain is in league with this guy?

I guess Obama can have it back.


  1. Obama has also bought every elevator muzak player and will now simucast his speeches on them in a non-stop loop.

    He has also bought the weather. It will now and forever be 70 degrees and sunny. Expect if McCain wins, in which case you will forever have trench foot and prune-hands.

  2. How bout all those people that laid out 200 500 or probably a thousand dollars to go see that game. They are getting delayed by 30 mins.

    FWIW MLB may not have had much say in when the game occurs. TBS probably has at least that 30 min leeway (thats when fox starts their games) . These are the things that happen when you sell your games to the highest bidder - even if they are on cable.

    And what the heck ever happened to equal time - don't they have to give McCain 30mins or doesn't apply because TBS is a cable network.

  3. oops disregard stuff I sed about game being 2nite. but I think the rest applies - just read that the ad is for next weeks game.

    Still I mean you have to give McCain equal time - especially on network.

  4. deal:

    They offered McCain a spot in the WNBA finals. But it's not really his demographic with his position on gay marriage and all.

    I kid, I kid.

    *this comment in no way reflects the views of this website.

  5. deal - I'm pretty sure that the Obama thing will be on Fox, as will the World Series, which is why this happened. Obama is paying for the broadcast time, and McCain could do the same thing if he wanted to (or if he could afford to).

    I don't have a problem with it. This year's election is far more important than any World Series, even if my Rays are in it.

  6. The first pitch was to be thrown at 8:22 p.m. Fox will move back the game start time to 8:35 p.m.
    Fox said they'd do the same for McCain if he wants to buy time on one of the game nights. Also, in California, Obama's ad will be shown AFTER the game.

  7. PS has anyone else noticed that voluntarheel always leaves hilarious comments.

  8. game gets delayed a whole eight minutes, big deal, at least he gets to give Fox the finger by delaying the game

  9. I think it's stupid and every baseball fan should hate it regardless of politcal affiliation. Games start late enough as it is, and now we have to wait another 30 minutes for one of them to give us a speech. The same friggin' speech we've been hearing for the last 3 years of their campaign!

    It's ironic on many levels because unless the Sox make a huge comeback, this will be the lowest TV rated WS series in 10 years.

  10. Regarding this comment from JRJ:

    "It's ironic on many levels because unless the Sox make a huge comeback, this will be the lowest TV rated WS series in 10 years."

    I am sorry, but that is 100% pure bullshit. I really don't think that the majority of baseball fans want to see the Red Sox in another World Series, except for Red Sox fans. Seeing them in the World Series again would be boring! On the other hand, the Rays are the best story in baseball this year, going from worst to first.

    A Rays vs. Phillies World Series would be very highly rated - two teams filled with a lot of young, exciting star players.

    The big market fans are so freakin arrogant (and I have no idea if JRJ is a big market fan or not). They think that people only want to watch teams from New York, Boston, Chicago, or LA in the World Series. I'm sorry, but the World Series was BETTER before those teams starting buying their way in every year!

    Remember 1991 - Atlanta vs. Minnesota, or 1993 - Philadelphia vs. Toronto? Those were two of the BEST World Series of my lifetime, and there were no big market behemoths playing. And I'm pretty sure that those World Series got high ratings!

    Let's face it - Tampa Bay making the World Series would be more exciting for the fans and better for MLB! It would show fans of all the small market teams that there is hope, and that the big market teams can't just buy the championship every year.

  11. Dave - I know you are a Tampa Bay fan. I'd like their story too and I think they are a great team to watch. So far, they've been the best team in baseball.

    Don't take offense, it's not a slam on you or your team. But for TV ratings, a Phillies/Rays world series will be the lowest rated since the Mets/Yankees subway series. Feel free to do a google search to find information - a lot of people are saying the same thing.

    I hope I'm wrong and you are right. I hope a ton of people watch, baseball needs more fans and more people to watch the games which is why I don't like moving back the start times.

    Good discussion. Take care and good luck to your Rays.

  12. JRJ - I know that you're not the only one saying that, and that's why it bothers me - a lot of people are making that claim. And I think it's ridiculous that so many "experts" claim to know what the ratings of any particular World Series matchup will be, and that they arrogantly assume that all fans only want to watch the big market teams. I'm sorry, but baseball fans are more intelligent than to stop watching the World Series because the beloved chosen few teams (NY, Boston, Chicago, LA) aren't in it.