Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Card Should Not Be Going For This Much

Well, this card, which I mentioned a little less than two weeks ago is up on the block with no reserve this time. It is getting up in the stratosphere in terms of bids, and has hit close to $4,000 dollars, last time I checked. Now, a Mantle ball costs around $1000 MAX if it is perfect in every way and PSA certified, and it wouldnt cost another 3000 to get it signed by both Wright and ARod. Plus, with that, you would actually have a tri-signed ball of a bunch of guys with absolutely no relation other than the city they play(ed) in.

See people, this is why Topps sucks. Why in the world would anyone want this fugly ass card? There are no pictures, it is printed on foilboard, ANNNNND all three autos are on the fucking sweet spot. Talk about scruntch-o-matic...

I would much rather spend less than half of the money, get a ball from all three, and display them SEPARATELY on my shelf. It is a unique card, but it will never in a million years be in the same zipcode as a 3 ball display.

Lastly, for those of you who buy and break triple threads - STOP.


  1. I can't even read that top autograph. What the hell does that say, "Jenga"?

  2. Not only are the autos scrunched but the other players signed over Mantle's signature. They ruined Mantle's signature! If anything this card should be worth less than a signed photo of Mantle (which goes around $400 in some circles).

  3. I agree with both, and it actually says "Dil Niga", which is David Wright's street name.

  4. yea i'm really not sure why anyone would pay THAT much money for that card. I would rather just have the mantle auto by itself, wouldn't you? Oh, I'm kind of new to the whole high end dealie (your first world stuff), so explain why not open triple threads? Is it because you only get 2 hits per big box? What baseball stuff high end should we be looking for? Exquisite? I need to educate myself haha.

  5. For this product, you get 1 jersey and 1 auto per box. The problem with this is that they include the scrub autos as part of the overall pull. So for 170 bucks, you could end up with a Davone Bess auto and a Marc Bulger Jersey. Both worth nothing. At least with NT and exquisite, scrub autos are their own separate set. You get at least one auto from a rookie premiere guy per box, but with the expansion of the RC premiere over the last few years, that may not be a good thing.

    With premier, Upper deck guarantees 1 A list auto per case with 4 autos from the top 6 RCs like Jones, McFadden, Ryan and Stewart. So, with 10 boxes, it can be deduced that half of the time you will get a good auto.

  6. ahh, that makes sense. I only ask because I usually only see people busting boxes and boxes of triple threads baseball. I know football has national treasure, but I don't think there is for baseball? The three products for basball are Triple Threads, Premier and Exquisite and for some reason, TT is the dominate box even though they're all around the same price. Maybe people like those foldout books?

    I think in the future, I would try to open a high end baseball product, but I still haven't decided which...maybe I'll participate in a future group break

  7. I bought a pack and a box of football last year and got one good card and two ok cards but it's WAY too risky for the cost. Like gellman says you're better off getting a box of really high end good stuff! or getting in on a box break like the one we've got coming up!!

  8. Because I can't see eBay auctions from here, I don't know if it's ended. I would suggest waiting to see what happens when the auction is over before and if the bidder actually pays that amount for this card.

    It seems apparent that somebody really wants that card and if that person is willing to pay that amount, so be it. Call it stupidity if you want, but if the guy really wants it (and if you think it's me, then you're out of your mind), then he's not going to give a darn what some out-of-the-woodworks blogger (or the people making comments about it) has to say about it.


    JayBee Anama

  9. jaybee, someone obviously wants it. Do I think they care what I have to say? Umm, no. I was pointing it out for proof that triple threads is an abomination.