Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SCU Breaks: Still Waiting On Premier

I have a feeling that people dont want to get in on this break because they havent seen the product. I understand that. I feelz ya.

So, at least let me know if you are considering it. That way I can at least get an idea if we are going to fill this break.

Lastly, im not sure if people realize that for every 10 box case of premier, UD is putting an A list auto in each case (maybe even more, like Black Basketball), and also 4 autos from the top valued RCs. Now, if all those boxes only have one of those, 50% of the boxes should have a good hit in each case. That is pretty good odds.

Anyone who wants in should post and then send your $19 paypal to gellmana@gmail.com.

There are only a few spots left and we can get this ordered.


  1. haha this has no relevance to this topic, but I was looking through ebay and this made me think of SCU and laugh:


    In reference to a card #'d 1 of 10:
    "THIS IS THE FIRST ONE MADE, 1 of 1!!!!"

  2. Have you seen a sell sheet for it yet?

  3. I'm interested in getting in on this one (it's a great idea, BTW) but I won't have regular access to a PC until next week. If you want to wait that long, I'll paypal you as soon as I can. If you can't wait, I'll get in on the next one.

  4. http://www.magazine-exchange.com/info/ppt/2008%20NFL%20Premier%20PowerPoint.pps

  5. I'll get in for one spot. Sending my money now. Thanks.