Monday, September 15, 2008

First Look: 2008 Topps Sterling FOOTBALL

It was only a matter of time right? Well, I will cringe at the price point, and some of the cards will be amazing. However, because Topps sucks at making high end products (this being their highest end), they still have Sticker autos, and they still included McFadden and Ryan. Either way, due to no exclusive contracts in FB, every player has an auto parallel. Thank the fucking lord. Will I buy this? No. Too expensive. Will I buy singles? No, ill wait for Exquisite. Those will blow these out of the water.

Plus, does anyone else feel like this is an over done and over priced Triple Threads? Thats what I hate about Topps. Leave the high end to UD and DLP. The list of players is good, but some are questionable. Tom Landry?


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