Monday, September 29, 2008

The Stupidity Of This Auction May Never Be Eclipsed

If you have seen this, you are probably as shocked as I am. Not because he wants $12,000 for the lot, or because he has THAT many Kobe Bryant autos from ONE set, but because he has graded every last fucking one of them, including the 1/1. I almost had to cover my mouth to keep the belly laugh from getting too loud.

Lets run this down, here. Cards from an extremely condition sensitive set (check), cards numbered less than 25 (check), graded 1/1 (check), ludicrious price (check), cards a lot of people would want, minus the graded case (check). Im sorry sir, you must be castrated to prevent you from contributing further to the gene pool. Personally, I would put his sharpness at that of a bent spoon. He is a few colors short of a paint set to say the least, if not only because the cards range from a 7.5 (!) to 8.5 (ha!). That is what you get for being the biggest mark this side of WWF Wrestlemania.


  1. this may be a dumb question, but how can so many nice cards be graded so low? I've seen other memorabilia cards graded low as well, 7.5-8. If the person takes the card straight from the pack into a sleeve and toploader, where does the grade knockoff come from? Are these grades a result of a damaged card or just the quality of the memorabilia?

  2. They dont grade the memorabilia, they grade the actual card. With high end products, condition isnt as much of a factor, so they are usually very condition sensitive, making them about as worth grading as a bent up 1987 donruss card.

  3. I put in an offer of Tree-Fiddy.


  4. I personally love the fact that he says that he will ship in a bubble mailer. If I pay you 12,000 for some cards, you better fly your butt to meet me with a handcuffed suitcase.

    But don't worry, I am sure a bubble mailer from Belgium will keep you investment safe.

  5. Maybe the grading insures authenticity. I got a couple cards today that are dubious now that I have had a chance to inspect them. In fact, I am pretty sure they are fake. Luckily they cost a few dollars not a few thousand like these.