Monday, September 22, 2008

NFL Week 3: Value Bumps

Im kind of glad week three is over because it was a make or break week for some teams, and some lived up to what they were supposed to do, while others continued their slide. Regardless of how the teams themselves did, there were a few players that had the same clause on their week 3 performances. Here is my opinion on what will happen to the value of their cards:

Michael Turner

Again he puts up a monster game with three TDs, but again he was playing one of the worst teams in the league. I would have been suprised if it didnt turn out the way it did. There will be very few running backs who look bad against the Chiefs, but idiots who will keep buying his stuff high wont care. They play Carolina next week, which could be a test of his true ability.


Matt Forte

I hate to keep putting him on this list, but people keep buying his stupid fucking cards at high ass prices. Guess what idiots? He is an average RB who will probably be replaced in next years draft. Look at his stats: 27 for 89yds? Thats awful in this league. If you cant break 100 on more than 25 carries, you arent going to be very good.


Ronnie Brown

Holy fuck, he ran wild. I cant believe the Dolphins used the direct snap as much as they did, I guess they didnt even trust Chad Pennington to pass the ball those 2 inches on a handoff. Either way, the Pats are falling apart, and fast, especially losing AT HOME to an awful team like Miami. Ronnie Brown gets OPOW and a bump.


Matt Cassel

Here is my chance to laugh at the people who bought in at 80 bucks for his Contenders, despite the fact that he will no doubt be a backup again next season. People dont seem to understand what stoploss QB is, so they buy when he beats a few teams. He looked like a backup and his crappy pocket presence led to a lot of offensive woes for the Pats. If you have his shit you are a week late in selling, so watch for the floor to drop out this week - FINALLY.


Darren McFadden

Wow, he looked AWFUL on that injured foot. He slipped left and right because he couldnt plant on a juke, I guess his R2 button was stuck, or broken. His "turf toe" could become a huge problem, especially for a rookie who was already stuck with an awful team. If you buy in now, you might as well stamp "idiot" in permanent ink across your forehead.


Matt Ryan

Another good performance against an awful team. Its expected. Dont buy in until he can prove that he doesnt need to have a bad defense to have a good game.


Steve Slaton

Another Matt Forte in a bottle. He rushes for over 100 and a few TDs and all of a sudden he is worth millions to every card collecting idiot out there. The only difference is that he did it against a Titans D that isnt bad. It makes me feel good for AD next week, as the Vikings definitely have a better OLine. Save yourself the heartbreak and dont pick anything up of his - it wont stick. If you have his shit, now is the time to sell. The Texans offense is bad, and he will succumb.


Chris Johnson

This was his first week without doing anything. Keep on him, he didnt do horrible. Plus, LenDale White will get most of the goalline carries, so his TDs will only happen on longer runs. I see him being the next Julius Jones in this situation, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. His stuff should stay where it is or inflate, depending if he can stay in the OROY race. Plus, with McFadden out of it in my mind, this guy will benefit.


Felix Jones

This guy is slowly emerging as a great pickup in big D. His return skills are way above average and his TD total is coming along nicely. He had a good game, and I expect more. Still way too high to buy in at over 100 for most autos, but surrounding yourself with one of the best offenses in the game is a big plus for anyone.


Eddie Royal

Wait until a few more games pass before buying in. WRs are never good investments.


Brandon Marshall

He is the real deal, but off the field issues and the above fact make me weary of touching his stuff at all.


Possible Bumps for Next Week

Matt Ryan: Going up against Carolina could easily hurt him big time. Watch out.
Aaron Rodgers: I see a good week for him coming up. TB has big holes in the secondary.
Matt Forte: Philly will kill him, I hope.
The 1986 2008 Denver Broncos: KC makes everyone look great.
McFadden: Watch that injury. Could be big.


  1. Gotta disagree with you on Forte. Maybe it's because I'm a Bears fan and your a Vikes fan, but I really like this kid so far. He's no Peterson of course, but when your used to RBs such as Rashann Salaam, Curtin Enis, Anthony Thomas, Cedric Benson, etc., Forte has been a pleasant surprise. I do agree his cards are a little overpriced right now but I think he'll be a consistent 100 yard a game guy for the rest of the year....I mean what else are we gonna do...let Orton throw the ball?

  2. See thats the thing, carrying the ball as much as he does, there is a good possibility he wont last the season. Plus with needing 30 carries to achieve that, its going to be very tough to be a consistently good RB. I say the Bears draft a new RB in the next years top picks.

    But yes, Orton is one of the worst there is.

  3. I don't like Matt Forte's card prices, but let me say this much.

    As crappy as his yards-per-carry is, you have to account for his role in the passing game too. All around he is all they have in Chicago outside of their defense.

    Will he be a star for years to come? I doubt it, but he should be a good 2-5 year back....they will draft a QB next year.