Monday, September 22, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 3

Thank the fucking lord that the Vikings won. Thats all I gotta say about that. Beating a 2-0 team was icing on the cake, especially with public enemy number one Steve Smith on the other side of the field. He was held in check and the Vikings pulled out a nice win with a Backup QB.

Gus "BANG YOUR HEAD" Frerotte

He did what we all wish Jackson would do, mainly keep your cool in the pocket, hit your passes for short yardage, and throw one long completion per game. He made one bad throw that cost him an INT, but he made Shiancoe look good, and that is fucking hard. He was good for a few long ass drives, which Jackson had yet to do, and kept the team going behind a rock hard D. Great job.


The Vikings defense is becoming Cloverfield-like. They are THE premiere run-stopping defense, and the DLine is getting some great pressure. They sacked Delhomme at all right times, and I was no longer biting my lip on third down and 2 like I did the previous weeks. These guys were the MVPs of the day, and Winfield's TD was beyond fucking awesome. I expect them to have a field day next week, I hope Kerry Collins will be wearing kevlar. For his sake.

All Day

An okay game on an injured leg. I could see the problems when he got two yards when he used to get seven. I hope he is better next week.


Goddammit you guys, step it up. Seriously, if I have to watch another pattern where your separation equals less than a foot, I will come to Minnesota and destroy your DUB edition Escalade. With Frerotte, its no longer acceptable to say the ball was uncatchable. He didnt throw it to Eden Prairie like Jackson used to do.

Special Teams

I am almost positive that the Gophers could run a kick back 40 yards on these idiots. This better improve. Where is the "Suicide Machine" Chris Walsh when you need him?

Visanthe Shiancoe

You saved your job this week, congrats. Dont think you are off the chopping block though. You got lucky.

Bryant McKinnie

One more game. One more game. One more game. Dont fuck up again.


Childress, I swear to fucking god, if you dont find some way to grow some creativity in that little fucking brain you have, we will be 7-9 until you are fired. Kiffin is getting the boot because he has nothing and is doing nothing. You have something and you are giving us nothing. I hope you go.

Titans next week - I am hoping for another win, obviously, but I want a big game from someone to do it. Peterson, I am looking at you.

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  1. I would give a year off my life to have Chris Walsh come back for one more season. How does the story go; he broke his jaw in a game and finished out, or something similar?

    And everyone I watched the game with was in disbelief as Shiancoe pulled in that touchdown. But you're right, I still hate him too.