Monday, September 15, 2008

NFL Week 2: Value Bumps (UPDATED)

Here are my big booty bumps in eBay value for the week's big players:

Darren McFadden

Fargas went out, so you knew things were going to go McFadden's way. Who knew that he would put up the numbers he did, wow. I thought his numbers were high pre-season, but they will be even higher now that he had his first big game. If Fargas is out longer, you can bet your ass he will take advantage. I expect big numbers coming in auctions if he has a semi-good performance. The idiots are expecting All Day - which they wont get - so they think they need to jump on before the bomb drops. Hold your horses people, the Raiders are awful. His numbers wont be THAT good.

Bump: UP

Matt Forte

Come on back to earth. Thank you. Big I told you so here. 29 for less than 100? Pretty average game for a starter with close to 30 carries.

Bump: DOWN

Michael Turner

Same thing as above. Thats why its called SMALL SAMPLE SIZE. The number one rule of smart collecting is to never make decisions on small sample size. Im sure his season will be good, but not 220 and 2 TDs good.

Bump: DOWN

Chris Johnson / Jonathan Stewart

Both of these guys are showing why they were picked as high as they were. Im sure I was not the only one that shouted "WHAT?" when the Panthers drafted Stewart. That feeling is all but gone now. Both have had two good games in a row, and despite his ridiculous autograph, Johnson's cards should slowly climb alongside Stewart's. Right now, they are at the top of the RC running back list, with McFadden close behind. Too bad the Titans are SO FUCKING BAD. How are they 2-0? Jesus christ.

Bump(s): UP

Matt Ryan

Not a good game this week. Another low yardage performance, with 2 INTs this time. This should be expected from a week one starting RC QB, but the idiots dont get this. I say his cards drop closer to where they were at the beginning of the season, but not that much.


Adrian Peterson

Last years sensation has put up two very good games behind a BAD offense. I still wouldnt buy at these prices, unless he is your favorite player and you have the money, but that may change soon. If he continually puts up monster numbers like the 5.5 ypc, buy in. I see big things.


Calvin Johnson

At the beginning of the season last year, there were two at the top - Calvin Johnson and a close behind Adrian Peterson. After the Lions were continually led to the crapper by Jon Kitna, Calvin Johnson went with them. His value dropped dramatically, and he fell in behind Lynch and Peterson as the top guys in value. Now, with two GREAT games under his belt, his value will come up pretty huge. He will still never reach the heights he should because receiver cards are not worth anything if your name isnt Jerry Rice. Maybe he can change this.


Greg Jennings

See above. The only problem with Jennings is that he put up huge numbers against the worst and one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Can you even name a Lions d-back? Regardless, I think he will be done good by Aaron Rodgers.


Aaron Rodgers

Man, I had a bad feeling as a Vikings fan when he came around. I knew he had shown flashes of brilliance, but this is getting nuts. Again, he has the same issue as Jennings, lets see how he does against a top tier pass defense.


Potential Bumps for Next Week:

Matt Ryan - going up against KC is good for anyone. Could be big.
Rashard Mendenhall - No touches this week and he gets Philly next week? SELL NOW.
Aaron Rodgers - If he goes huge against the league's best, even I would buy now.
Jonathan Stewart - This could work out really well or not at all. There are no in betweens here. Especially with MN limiting Addai to 1.2 per carry. Good luck buddy.
Eddie Royal - If he does amazing, he will jump into the top tier, if he hasnt already. Wow, I never expected it out of this kid.
Jay Cutler - See above. He was already valuable because he doesnt sign much due to him being an ass. If he continues to shine next week, I would buy in. He could be an Elite QB in value by the time its over this season.


  1. I'm really liking your devotion and input to the NFL season, especially the analysis of card 'stock.' This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs on the web. Keep up the good work, man!

    Author, Tulo Trader

  2. Mark my words.

    Jonathan Stewart will be the rookie of the year followed closely by Chris Johnson and Darren McFadden.

  3. HH - See my prediction for NFL RC of the Year. I am two steps ahead of you...

  4. JCF, thanks a bunch. I love the NFL best of the four sports. There really are a lot of Baseball blogs for the card world, so its only fair that the TRUE American Pastime gets some coverage too.

  5. I agree, Gellman. I'm a die hard Washington Redskins fan, but I'm so emotionally invested that it makes it quite hard to put those thoughts and feelings into words without sounding like an idiot. Posts like this one will keep me coming back for the next 15 weeks, let alone the other great content. Best of luck to your Vikes this year.

    Author, Tulo Trader

  6. Titans so bad?

    They tend to always beat up on their division rivals and actually have a running game for the first time since Eddie George left.

    How much I love Vince, I think he needs to learn under Kerry collins, who looks very comfortable in the offense.

    I can see them winning 11 games (yes I said ELEVEN) and that is not just a homerish pick.

    My pick for the AFC South before the season still stands (I was never impressed with JVille and see Indy declining).

    (FCB member name: Anthony K.)