Monday, September 15, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 2

Holy fuck, what a week. Especially for the Vikings and their awful inability to score a TD with one of the best running backs in the league. He puts up 160, they cant put up a 7. Seriously, I was almost in tears.


This week wasn’t so much about coaching, but I have to give a hugely positive review to Leslie Frazier, the defensive coordinator. Pitching a shut out in the first half is tough - especially when that team has Manning at the helm. I was NOT surprised when they came back, but 18 points in like 2 minutes was frustrating, not to mention the fucking lateral that got them close. Again, not coaching, and we will get to that in a second.

Adrian Peterson

Coming into this season I knew he would have to face 8-9 in the box every play with an epic fail like Jackson behind center. Yet, for some reason he still gets 4-5 yards per carry. I think I have only seen him stopped for a loss on 2-3 occasions this year. That’s pretty nuts. Either way, he pulls out a great game, but cant do anything because TJAX is so awesomely bad.

NOTE: I was a little scared when he came off the field after his last run. You cant expect a guy to carry the ball that much any more. The D is much more powerful and able to hurt than 1990 when Sanders was running circles around people. Its not the same game, so give Taylor more carries if you want Peterson to last the season.

Tarvaris Jackson

When that last drive in the 4th came up and we were tied 15-15, is there anyone else who could actually think of a worse guy to lead that drive? I seriously racked my brain and couldn’t think of anyone. Maybe the Gophers second string QB. That might be worse. Maybe Gary Anderson would come out of retirement for one drive - definitely worse. Of course, they went 3 and out, what a bunch of bad play calling and even worse execution. I knew it was over when Peyton "Cut That Meat" Manning got the ball with time. It was almost in the bag.

Besides that last drive, TJAX was awful. It wasn’t even awful, it was pitiful. I was actually feeling for his mother, because I knew she couldn’t possibly think her son was still amazing. That’s a sad time in a Mama's life.

Each time he dropped back, I cringed and died a little inside. Then, when Rice wasn’t playing, you knew things were bad. He was the victims of some crucial drops, but this is still something that cant be forgiven. Its time to get on the horn and find someone.


Great, great game. I don’t blame you guys for giving up that last drive for 3 to lose. Even the best defense in the league would have had trouble. It was nice to see SOME pressure on Manning, with a few sacks, but that should have been a 5 sack game without Saturday and Ugoh.

Also, the secondary needs a lot of work. A LOT. I am hoping that the young guys grow up quickly, but those 2 INTs were nice. For having a top 5 shutdown corner in the game, we looked bad. Gonzalez ran ALL OVER US, and Wayne wasn’t much slower. They never should have gotten beat like that.

Visanthe Shiancoe

I want you gone more than Childress. You are awful.

Bryant McKinnie

I want you back more than the next season of LOST. Yes that bad. Don’t fuck up again. Most teams can survive with a banged up line, we cant. Not with TJAX at QB.

Overall, this game had two high points in All Day and the defense's first half, but for every good play, there were 4 bad ones. You cant lose these lynchpin games at home and expect to be a playoff team. Also, let Jackson ride the pine for a game. See what Frerotte can do. Its not that hard to hand the ball off for 30 plays and throw twenty passes. Cross your fingers.


  1. 1. I refuse to even say that starting TE's name. He drops 2-3 passes a game and now has caused me to want to throw my remote into the TV more than anyone ever.

    2. Offensive Play Calling (and therefore coaching) is absolutely horrendous. Seriously can you write a more predictable script. (Of course I think part of the problem is they do it conservative because they try to keep it simple for T-Jax and his limitations)

    3. The Defense was amazing. Cedric Griffin was NOT good at all. Gonzalez was ripping him to shreds, and yes we have an All-Pro CB and yes he was the main reason that we didn't hear Marvin Harrison's name called hardly at all.

  2. I saw on the news crawl either last night or this morning that Tampa Bay had contacted SF about sending Jeff Garcia back. Wonder if they are going to try reaching out to Minny after Tarvaris mediocred all over everything yesterday.

    I did have a near-orgasmic moment when Chad Greenway almost had that pick. I love him. Pretty sad when a near-interception is really the only positive you can remember from your favorite team's game, though.

  3. Greenway will be a very solid LB. It will take him a few years to be elite though. EJ has nothing on him.

    Also, what is up with Cedric? He was pretty good last year.