Monday, September 15, 2008

A Comment On The OTL Wagner Video

Personally, I dont have a take on the card itself, although a lot of the arguments I have read pretty much guarantee this card is not THE card. The funny thing about the ESPN report is that they brought the message board debate into it, which suprised the hell out of me. Since when is a message board a credible source to use in an ESPN story?

Well, the answer is actually pretty easy. The internet collector has been made legitimate by the sheer number of people that frequent the online realm of card collecting. In fact, I would say that right now, the number of collectors on the web and posting on boards/blogging are coming close to the number of collectors who dont. By that I mean there are very few people who havent read and posted on some sort of board. This figure alone makes it pretty scary that Beckett's involvement is still relevant as the self proclaimed number one source for hobby collectors. You guys all know that I dont think thats true anymore, it hasnt been true for years. In my opinion, the number one source is, without a doubt, the online community. If you have a question, you dont go to Beckett unless you are a complete idiot or a complete newb. You go to the boards around the net, the blogs, or Wiki. The good thing is that chances are, you will find an answer.

Oh and one last thing: the guy that said this is about race is fucking nuts. Authenticity has no skin color. It is as close to a fact as you can get. Im not talking about whether or not an auto is fake, I am talking about whether or not a card is fake. These guys need to stop playing the race card. Its not about race. If two white guys were selling this card, they would be just as fucking shady as two black guys who collect Pokemon cards. Shut the fuck up.

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