Friday, September 5, 2008

HIGH END: National Treasures Break Video

First watch the video, then check out the scans. I hope you guys are happy with this, I think it went awesome. Sorry for the butterfingers, it wont happen again.

First Card - Base - Geomon (COWBOYS)

Second Card - Patch - Justin (SAINTS)

Third Card - RC Auto - Verredog (BRONCOS)

Fourth Card - Triple Patch - Voluntarheel (RAMS)

Fifth Card - "Cut Style" Auto - GlvSv37 (PACKERS)

Sixth Card - Base Vet Auto - Geomon (BEARS)

Seventh Card - RC AUTO PATCH - Motherscratcher (DOLPHINS)

Okay, now that this is over, I think the winner of the break was both Motherscratcher and Justin, who have both been readers for a long time, so congrats. Other than those two, all 6 "hits" went to different people, I didnt get a hit, and those who did are probably happy. That makes for a good fucking break. Lets do it again sometime, gents. Cards will be on their way monday, I will contact those of you who hit a card for addresses. Thanks guys!!


  1. I specifically emailed you saying:


    Now that I got Reggie Bush, I guess I can't complain that is a sweet card.

    Thanks Gellman for the break.

  2. Yeah, for 20 bucks, you cant complain, that is an amazing patch.

  3. I won't lie to you. That sucker is going straight to Ebay so I can get my money back and hopefully have enough for a cheap Viking auto.

    I am thinking of putting this on the subtitle:

    This is the card pulled from a break on!

    That gets some kind of sponsorship money right??


  4. Wow, that was cool and I don't even like football!

  5. Figures. Two base cards and I get em.

    Oh well, they shall have a happy home.

  6. Cool! I just got home from a friend's birthday party and I literally flew to my computer to see what happened. I seriously don't think my feet touched the floor.

    A rookie John Beck auto patch. That sounds pretty good. Maybe he'll turn Tom Brady this year. You never know.

    Thanks Gellman. Fantastic idea. Good times.

  7. Better sell it fast motherscratcher. Beck is 3rd on the depth chart.

  8. I'm traking one on ebay.

    I figure maybe I can draw a penis on it or something and call it a 1/1. What do you think?

  9. Well I don't know about that but I'm definitely selling my 1/1 Terrell Owens card.

    It's numbered 1/100 so that instantly makes it 1/1!!!!!1111111one.